Sunday, October 11, 2009

ups and downs

It was getting cold. Even snow. A small snow. A bit like a spring snow had came. And Charlotte felt fat.

"Well, you're not. So just stop thinking it." Rosco shrugged. He was changing Gib's pamper. As it was, he spent more time with the baby than anyone else in the house.

"He's going to think you're his dad." She stared at them. Not at her computer.

"Where is that coming from?" Rosco winced and let him down to run about in the livingroom. He had all the energy in the world that Charlotte didn't.

"Sorry." She was sleepy. Words were just coming out. It seemed she was full of all the wrong words.

"Is this a Rachel thing?" Rosco came over.

She heaved. Wasn't that enough of an answer.

"They asked me out to see Zombieland, the book club, after we had our Pride and Prejudice and Zombies thing. I guess she didn't like that because she wasn't invited. She wouldn't came, anyway. I mean, it was just spur of the moment, you know." She looked at him then wondering if he were hurt about it too because he was with Gib. They'd gone to the last showing at 10 that night.

"Everything makes her mad? Am I like that?" She wondered.

He shook his head, no.

"I thought we were OK. I get to hear her vent about everything under the sun. Work. Gordy. Bella and the kids, even you."

"Even me?" Rosco glared.

Oops. Charlotte knew it was best to keep her mouth shut. She kept saying she wouldn't say anything at all to anyone. But she wasn't like that.


ivy's closet said...

I do feel for Charlotte.

elliestories said...

i do so know how she feels..& I'm so glad Rosco is helping out. He's a good uncle.

Raigan said...

Rosco is definitley a sweetheart, diaper duty is no where near the easiest thing in the world!


e.l. said...

ah..about Charlotte..yeah, cold weather can be so depressing. Yeah! for Rosco.

diane said...

Haha, you know how you're just so tired, and you say things you shouldn't but you just can't stop talking? Poor Charlotte, she should just go to bed.