Sunday, October 18, 2009

in a tailspin

Kat had survived the library potluck. She supposed she was getting used to being the old woman that Parker was married too. Though, no one ever said it. Just the same, she could feel it with looks. But it was nothing. She had decided not to care. After all, she had bigger things to worry about. She was pregnant, and a daughter who could have her baby any moment.

As it was, at the school they were really behind the glass this season. All this talk about the new flu shot was going to be given at school, hadn't happened yet. But they'd really kept things closed up. Trying their best to stay away from those germs.

It was all so unsettling. Each step through the day. She could hardly wait to get home to shower and change into her flannel pajamas. Really, home was her little haven.

She decided she'd just bake ginger bread. Plan out Thanksgiving, Christmas. Have something to look forward to. Yet, it was impossible. She couldn't.

This was making her a complete nervous wreck.

"We'll have to do things." Parker's only advice.

"Do things?" Now what could that mean? In bed?

"We'll go places. You know, museums, free concerts. We should get out more." He shrugged. As it was he helped her with dinner and around the house.

"But I don't want to go out." She sighed. It felt good to be within a world of a world. She didn't want to think of sad things like when the sun might die.

"I guess we'll have to fill the house up with music then." He just smiled, handed her the new Alice Hoffman book. "If you don't like it maybe you'll want to read Naked in Dangerous Places."


Anonymous said...

So is Naked in Dangerous Places a good book?

diane said...

I like Parker and Kat. : )

ellie said...

I understand how she feels about staying home.

the oaks said...

I think they need each other now..more than ever.