Tuesday, October 20, 2009

that time of year

Whitney couldn't decide if she was starting to show or not. Some moments she'd look in the mirror and think how bad she looked in something. She felt fat. But then there were moments, ever great once in while, she thought she looked great. She couldn't decide.

"Should I stop wearing this dress?" She couldn't manage to wear the tights anymore with it. It was just too uncomfortable. It was her basic black dress.

"You're OK." Charlotte shrugged, but then she got the idea. "Lets go try on maternity clothes at Target. So you can look, you know, really in style, pregnant."

It was enough encouragement to get Whitney out of the house. As it was, it was work and back to the house. Everyday.

Naturally, Charlotte went right to work wanting Whitney to wear the tightest thing possible on the maternity rack.

"I have to have something that will grow with me, you know." Whitney just glared at her after trying the first sweater dress that made her look like a sausage.

"Well, you don't want to look like you're in the circus, either." Charlotte told her. "You have to wear your baby bump proud."

Whitney rolled her eyes at that. She picked up a couple of tops on clearance and settled for some maternity tights to help out with her empire waist dresses she already had for work.

"Oh, Oh...we must try on boots. Please!" Charlotte tried her best to get Whitney in the highest heel. Whitney shook her head to that. Whitney settled for something she could wear around the house or even work. No heels for her.

Whitney definitely wanted to feel comfortable while she was pregnant. Well, she'd try. Clothing was only a part of the process. Sometimes, she wondered if anything could make her completely comfortable.


diane said...

Good for Charlotte for getting Whitney out and about. And Target is so much better than "Wally World".

cass and cady said...

Yeah, I so love Liz Lange!

simon and josh said...

She has to think positive. I'm glad Charlotte can help.

Raigan said...
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Raigan said...

My mom bought maternitiy skinnies at target...I was thoroughly proud of her! Target has the cutest pregnancy clothes, some of it I wish they would make in regular sizes! I think buying the first maternity outfit is a big step for a lot of pregnant woman.

I definetley know how you feel about just wanting to sleep, this weather coupled with homework and family time has just sucked the energy out of me lately!

hope your week has been grand!


Winnie said...

You know too often have I been perusing my local Topshop and ended up in their maternity area. Mommies can look good pregnant too!