Sunday, November 22, 2009

about time

"I wish we hadn't bickered," Fish said to anyone who'd listen. He just knew it. There would be complications. "How could I have been, like that?"

Whitney could see he was tired. It helped that Archie showed up. At least he had Archie to hug on instead of her.

"You just need to focus on right now, OK." Archie informed him. "Now come on, she's having contractions. You get in there and cheer her on."

Fish cringed.

"You should be happy," Natalie smiled. "No, major surgey. Its the good old fashioned way."

"I know." He sighed. "She's gonna make me suffer, you know. I know, I'm being a whimp about this."

"Get back in there." Archie looked at him wide eyed.

"All right." Fish nodded like he was gonna do it. Whitney smiled knowing all he wanted, really, was a pep talk.

"You're gonna miss it." Archie was getting him hyped. Whitney almost laughed watching Fish act like he was going in for the last couple of yards for the game. Finally, he went back to Bella.

"Does it always make everyone this crazy?" Whitney looked at Archie in the hallway.

"How should I know," Archie laughed. "I'd probably be just as weird."

Whitney hugged herself wondering what was to come with Kal.

Naturally, a short while later everything unfolded in maybe 20 minutes. The baby was here. Tiny and screeching. Bella in a sweat. Fish all teary eyed and smiling. Whitney supposed, Thanksgiving had already began. And it didn't have anything to do with turkey nor pie. Just happiness.


the oaks said...

aw..Fish is gonnna make a good Dad. Glad Archie was there too.

Lieren said...

Haha. Poor Fish.

diane said...

Awww Cait, Happy Thanksgiving honey.

elliestories said...

I'm glad they are OK. Its always matter what.

simon n josh said...

cool. glad they are happy.

jacob black fan fic said...

I bet he'll need rest now. Glad the baby is here.

e.l. said...

aw..this was really sweet.

Lynda B said...

I have started a new job in a library, but right now I am not doing so well. Not feeling that great, have flue.

fan fic said...

I hope this will be a good time for them.