Friday, November 6, 2009

a big pain

Gordy was with the girls at immunizations to get their H1N1 vaccinations. Naturally, he had Rachel to cope with too.

"They'll get the spray, won't they?" She didn't want them to have the shot.

"I dunno." Gordy hadn't thought about it. Naturally, Jane was decked out as if she were going to a tea-party. Lucy was in her tights and dress vest that was more or less an apron over her little pink turtle neck. She made plenty of changes during the day, thanks to Rachel's little masterpieces she'd invented from Gordy's old flannel shirts and jeans.

He had Lucy in his lap while Jane was taking in everyone. Little kids her age. Even babies.

"You have to stay with us. They'll call our name before you know it." Gordy told her. Of course, she wouldn't pay him any mind.

"Come here." He begged. Finally she looked at him. "Are you listening to me?"

"Why are you so mad?" She danced around.

"I'm not. Its just, I need for you to go easy on me." He told her. They called their names and went in for the nose spray.

But then the nurse pulled out a syringe full of the vaccine.

"Who's that for?" Rachel's eyes open wide.

"Its for you." The soured woman said who'd probably been giving shots all day.

Gordy saw Rachel cringe. She closed her eyes tight. It was done so fast, but she screamed in pain, anyway.

"She is a big baby." Jane crossed her arms.

"No, she has a big baby inside her." Lucy corrected.

"Come on, we'll get a happy meal, somewhere." Gordy sighed. He held their hands while they waited for Rachel to make her way out of the clinic. He looked back Rachel and saw the distress on her face as she rubbed her arm. Well, Jane did have a point, thought Gordy, but so did Lucy.


Ivyoaks said...

Gordy does have his hands full.

e.l. said...

ouch. yeah, those shots aren't that fun. cute about the girls.

diane said...

Too controversial for me to comment properly.