Sunday, November 8, 2009

little rollercoasters

Whitney wasn't sure what to think of her new found position in all this chaos with Bella. Again, Bella had been in the hospital. Another false alarm. Whitney had Gib to chase around for the most part. He was a climber and now had a thing for electricity. She had to watch him like a hawk.

True, Kal did what he could, but he was busy with work. She wouldn't dare complain about it, but it was a bit exhausting. Perhaps, she stressed too much.

"Well, he's kind of tiger." Fish had renamed him after Gib bit Whitney.

It came out of no where. Actually. She hadn't expected it. Wasn't this the kind of behavior a kid picked up around other kids? As it was he wasn't even around Jane that much.

"It wasn't that bad," Whitney tried not to make that much about it. But he'd bit her on the shoulder when Kal had decided Gib needed a hair cut and guess who got to hold him? Whitney. She covered up the bruise. And Kal decided maybe Gib could have a mullet, after all. As long as they could keep the hair out of his eyes and his face.

Fish just smiled. He told her they were just second in charge of this operation with Gib. "Maybe things will go much smoother when yours comes along."

"So, you think it'll be different when, you know, its your kid?" Whitney had asked when Fish loaded Gib up to take home so she could have a break.

"I can only hope," he sighed. "You know, how all those compromises get in the way of something potential."

Whitney thought she knew. It wasn't going to change. Not really. This was what it was. Take it or leave it. Make the best of a not really that bad situation. Naturally, Gib wanted her one last time to give her a sloppy kiss on the cheek. So she took him back, and he wrapped himself around her, not wanting to go.

"Come on Tiger, you know you want to see Mumzy." Fish did his best to get Gib's damp fingers out of her hair. He gave him a pacifier before he slobbered all over her.

"Don't miss him too much now." Fish got him back, knowing this time he had to go. "You know I'll be back with him later."


cass and cady said...

I think it was Kal's fault about that bite that Gib gave her.

anita,sebastian n randy said...

thank god for Fish & Whitney. Poor Gib.

diane said...

No sense in finding blame for something a baby does. They are, after all, very primal beings.
I love how attached Whitney and Gib are becoming, so sweet.

Lieren said...

Ouch; that's gotta hurt. And the best part about being a baby is that you can get away with biting people. XP

Anyway, thanks for the note. I'm not really sure yet, since I've got a lot of things to think about, mainly a novel I intend on publishing. Well, that's a pretty huge leap for me, I guess. If I can ever bring myself to stop rewritng after writing the first two paragraphs.

I've been busy catching up on your stories, by the way, since I've got too much time on my hands now (hence the idea of publishing a novel). Great work. The best of luck to you on your writing.

Raigan said...

My little brother has just recently discovered he can sink his teeth into things, I think it shocks him more then anyone else!

Hope your fall is going well!


Winnie said...

I always think that when kids's only to get back at the adults that have playfully bitten them as they were babies!