Thursday, November 26, 2009

a houseful

It could have been a big mess. Thank God, for the extra paper plates. It was little overwhelming by the unexpected guests.

"I told her not too," Rosco's Dad shook his head.

"Its OK." Rosco didn't know what else to do, but grin. People were eating in the livingroom. "Gloria knows these people, doesn't she?"

"Yeah, most she help raise." His Dad shrugged.

"OK, great." He looked around wondering where Charlotte was mingling in the crowd. He just wished the turkey was bigger. They'd included Parker and Emily's Mom too. They were going to bring food if there was any to Bella and Fish. It was a bit of a mad house. Thankfully, his Mom had gone to Las Vegas to see her boyfriend.

Naturally, he went to shake hands with all sorts of people he never expected to meet. Some were dressed up, some looked a little down on their luck, but there was Charlotte, happy as could be asking questions, talking about the library.

At least, there would be no leftovers this year.


e.l. said...

Great. thats the way Thanksgiving should be.

Jared said...

Thanksgiving is the best. I'm finally back... Haha, so mind filling me in on some stuff I might've missed. I might even know all the big points.

dapper kid said...

Thanksgiving sounds so busy and hectic, but definitely fun too :)

elliestories said...

Sounds like a great thanksgiving.

Winnie said...

I am craving turkey and cranberry sauce now....too bad in the UK we have to wait until xmas!

sid and violet said...

So great. Update soon!

diane said...

Hahaha, holiday chaos.