Wednesday, December 2, 2009

family is family

Gordy felt as awkward as hell. He knew wasn't expected there, but he was still holding Lucy because that's what she wanted. A part of him felt proud that she'd picked him, but at the same time he knew he'd feel awful to be Andy.

"Its not your fault," he'd told Andy on the ride over. "Kids. They get used to certain things. And well, they don't like change anymore than the rest of us. I'm sure if she spends more time with your Mom and your family, this will be, like a one time thing." Of course, he felt he was talking to himself about the matter. "She's really shy, you know."

But he looked back at Lucy in her carseat and then at Andy. There was no denying who's kid she was. She looked like him except she was a strawberry blonde.

Soon enough, she warmed up to Andy. And everyone was happy to see her. It was as if the party was just for her. She was laughing and Gordy took pictures when ever he could of the both of them.

Somehow, Andy was fortunate enough to be home. He had a bad knee. Of course, he looked OK. But now they'd found out his back was in bad shape, too. He didn't talk about how the injury happened. But he'd spent a good portion of the year covered in sand in a war torn country.

"So when do you think you'll get out?" Gordy was interested.

"I dunno. Probably patch me up and send me right back." There was something in his voice that made it sound like an obligation.

Gordy just nodded, wondering if Andy would know what to do with himself if he wasn't in the Army. But the more he listened to Andy, it sounded like he might be home for good. He wondered how Rachel would feel about this.

Gordy was glad they'd talked. He promised Andy's Mom they'd bring Lucy over more often. Except, it was hard leaving Lucy in practically a houseful of strangers to Lucy. He stayed a while longer, but finally decided to call Rosco to pick him up. Really, he had to let her be with her father. At least, he knew she was in very good hands.


diane said...

Wow! You've made some changes girlie! I love the new header, and the guy in the cap really does command attention. I also love pictures with the story. Sooooo great!
Last, but not least, this story line is wonderful. xo

e.l. said...

Yeah..I like the new header too. Wow, I'm glad Andy is back, though.

elliestories said...

Gordy is really a good Dad. Hopefully, Andy can be the good Dad he is too. I think he will.

Winnie said...

So sweet! I'm sure Lucy will be fine. Loving the purple background...did you change that? It's such a soothing shade!