Saturday, December 5, 2009

here it comes

Had he had 4 fudge dipped Ritz crackers, already? What was the secretary trying to do to him? In fact, what had the library done to him? Put Parker in charge.

Well, he had the degree. Always, had. Just waiting for the right job to come along. Yes, bonified shelver had slipped into a clerk position over the summer and by end of August he'd been put in charge of Adult services. Now the director had started his holiday vacation in Cancun already. How could he stay away so long?

"Well, its your job to put the new computer system into place." The director would have none of it.

Parker wanted to tell him it wasn't exactly a system, but then the director wouldn't know the difference anyway. He was just an old fat man done with everything, but moving money around from one account to another. As Parker had seen from time to time. He just hoped it wasn't the library's money.

So now he was having to converse with new people with new programs to put the library into more databases across the country. It was quite a maize to get through, but once it was done all would be well.

"And that head guy they brought in from Minnesota has a mad on crush on you." Charlotte had to remind him ever so often when she'd see him in passing.

Just one more thing Parker had to worry about while munching on holiday Ritz crackers. And then it came to him while in the middle of the a conference call, he hadn't gotten Kat a thing for Christmas. He was beginning to think his priorities were all wrong. Or were they?


diane said...

Charlotte and her big mouth, haha. That really was the worst thing anyone could have told him.
His priorities are fine. He has lots of time, jewelry stores are open until late on Christmas eve.

e.l. said...

Oh..he must go on. The lib. needs him!

Ivyoaks said...

Those cookies sound so good.

fan fic said...

Why is it so tough this time of year at work? I know just how he feels.