Thursday, January 7, 2010

around the corner

It had started with the car. Finding something big enough for all of them.

"I'd really think about getting a four wheel drive, if I were you." Gordy's mother advised. "The winters just seem to be getting worse and worse, or maybe its the city not caring about the streets, anymore. Either way, you'll need something that can get the whole family around. Especially, in the winter."

She made a lot of sense. He knew that. He was glad she went with him to the dealership. But the more they talked, he could see that she noticed he was worried about more than the car.

"Well, you'll just have to move back home, won't you?" She shrugged.

"I dunno, Mom. You know how you got when it was just Jane. There will Lucy and Rachel. Then the new baby." Gordy shook his head.

"I'll move to the basement." She looked at him as if it wouldn't be a problem. "The rate I'm going with the post office, I might just retire. Then, you'll have the house all to yourself. How about that?"

"Mom." Gordy winced. "I don't want to put you out. Its just this degree is taking a lot longer, you know."

"And some things come a lot sooner, too." She was talking about the baby.

"Yeah, they do." He looked at her thinking she must still feel the same way about him that she always did. He was never going to make anything of himself. Time and time again she'd always told him he had the brain, but he just didn't want to use it.

"It'll work out. You'll see." She was so somber now as if she had softened some how, even if the postal job had hardened her over the years. "You'll move in. I just think its time you got married."

Gordy looked at her as if he couldn't believe she said that. She'd never gotten married. She had always been his Mom though. Really, she wasn't like other Moms with boyfriends and angst problems. She'd been a solo act with his grandfather to help.

"You make a great dad, now its time to be a good husband, too." She gave him a look that she'd be out of his hair soon enough.

Gordy just nodded.

It was time to test drive some cars then. Gordy almost smiled. Even if his Mom was taking it easy on him, really, it was quite an uphill battle still. So many women in his life. Still. Well, he wasn't going to let Rachel have a fit about this. It was time he did the right thing. She'd just have to listen to him for a change.


diane said...

I like Gordy's mom. :)

the oaks said...

Its great to have parents like that.

ellie said...

good that his Mom came around.