Sunday, January 3, 2010

somewhere along the way

"I dunno what to make of him anymore." Charlotte said about Rosco while she was with Whitney out at the mall. It had to be one of the coldest days of the year and here they were eating ice cream.

"I haven't noticed." Whitney shrugged as she licked at her vanilla soft serve.

"He's just different." Charlotte squinted as if she woke up with someone else this morning.

"Can't be, he's Rosco. Sweet dear Rosco." Whitney smiled.

"Its freaky, sort of. You know, how late he stays up on his computer with those games. He loses all this weight, now he's gaining it back." Charlotte frowned.

"Its winter."

She eyed the window at American Outfitters.

"I think needs a new wardrobe, don't you? I can't get him out of his old stuff." Charlotte hugged herself.

"You can't just change him, you know." Whitney stared at Charlotte now.

"But he's already changed, I tell you." Charlotte sighed.

"He hasn't." Whitney smiled. "He's not doing drugs, he's going to college, isn't he? What are you expecting, an underwear model in bed."

Now she made Charlotte laugh.

"No, I don't want an underwear model, I just want my Rosco who's always there for me. Now he's just depressed. About what, I don't know."

"Well, its your turn to be there for him then." Whitney informed her.

Charlotte just looked at her as if she had no idea.

"Come on, maybe there will be the perfect outfit on clearance for him." Whitney pulled Charlotte along. They were going in to American Outfitters.


diane said...

Guys aren't wired the same as girls, I don't think a new outfit is going to pull Rosco out of his duldrums. It never hurts to dress him up a little though. It sounds to me like Rosco is just settling in.

How was your New Years Cait? I hope you had a good time.

ellie said...

you just have to accept them.

mazzie may said...

oh, what will ever become of him now..hehehee..

the oaks said...

I see you changed Roscos..hmmm...I always thougth of chris marquette being rosco, anyway.

Ivyoaks said...

what would Rosco say if he heard this?