Saturday, January 2, 2010

it just keeps coming

Finally a four day weekend. Rachel could handle that. Or she thought. And then it set in that she'd have to be worrying about 3 kids soon.

"What's the matter?" Gordy asked. They'd gotten the tree down. Most of the Christmas left overs were now in the trash. It was time to start a brand new year.

"I dunno." Rachel felt lost as if the ocean of life had swallowed her and then spit her out with more worry than ever before. "I'm going to have to take some time off. I have to get ready."

"Well, you've got a month or so, you know." Gordy shrugged as if were some sort of routine they should all accept as if something was coming in for a tune up and would be as good as new.

"But I'm not a car." She looked at him blankly there on the couch where she'd taken refuge from everything. After all, she was going to have a baby. She needed to rest.

"Did I say you were?" He shot her a look, not to play this blame game with him.

"What are we going to do?"

"Tell my mother she has to move so we can have her house." Gordy said matter of fact.

Rachel winced.

"Just kidding." He smiled slyly. "OK, if we can stand it til summer, we'll find a new place, all right. No way can we move out in this." It was practically Siberia outside with the snow and ice and the ugly below zero weather, but they were in a two bedroom apartment with no walk-in closet.

Rachel hugged herself thinking it was now or never.

"Bring me the laptop." She ordered. Somebody was going to have to do this, weren't they? She'd have to find them a new place. "You worry about something big enough that we can all fit in when we go somewhere." She informed him.

"Oh, about that," Gordy looked at her a little uneasy. "I'm gonna have to talk to my Mom about co-signing. I doubt they'd give us anything new, you know."

"All right. What ever it takes." Rachel knew she had to keep moving. Somebody was going to have to take care of this family even when she didn't feel up to it.


the oaks said...

hahahaha..'but I'm not a car'...hehehe..I liked that.

ellie said...

Things are really catching up for them.