Monday, January 18, 2010

just do it

"Promise me, you'll just enjoy being married and you know, being a wife." Rachel found herself saying to Charlotte as they were cleaning up the craft room at the library after one of Charlotte's spectacular cupcake rescue missions.

"What are you talking about?" Charlotte almost laughed.

"I have mixed feelings about marriage." Rachel confessed. "My mom was horrible at it, and I always said I'd never be like that, but I am. Really, I am. I tried so hard with Andy, and well, it didn't work out."

"Why are you thinking about Andy now?" Charlotte licked strawberry icing from her fingertips.

"Because, he's back. He got hurt." Rachel told her.

"Oh my God, what happened!" It was the first Charlotte heard of it.

"Its not that bad. He didn't lose an arm or leg. Its just a back problem. I think it happened state side when he was Fort Drum. Slipped on ice, well, at least that's what he said." Rachel wondered if that was the truth. He always had a way of telling her things she wanted to hear.

"But you know we're getting married," Rachel suddenly said.

"OK, I kind of lost you, you and Gordy, right? Andy's just back." Charlotte was getting it straight. Time and time again, she'd tell Rachel it took three librarians to decide if a light bulb needed to be changed around here. People, would have to say things around here as if you were suppose to know everything.

"God, where have you been?" Rachel snapped.

"Sorry, I am taking online classes." Charlotte glared back at her.

"What, I'm telling you, you and Rosco should just get married and not have any kids for the next five years." Rachel informed her.

"OK." Charlotte nodded.

"You have to look at it as an adventure." Rachel told her. "Forget that old fashioned stuff about being his servant and crap, that's so yesterday. You just have to, you know, have fun. Do fun things."

Charlotte sort of giggled, but then she straightened her smile when Rachel looked up at her.

"I'm not kidding." Rachel stared at her as if this was important.

"I know. Its just, am I being unfair to him, with all my problems." Charlotte closed her eyes as if was to sad to explain.

"What problems?"

"You know, not having a home and all. I feel he's my only family." She shrugged.

"Precisely, why you should get married." Rachel shot her a look.

"Well, you get married first and then, you know, it might happen. It doesn't work out." Charlotte shrugged as she went on to sort sprinkles they should keep and get rid of.

Rachel just sighed. Really, she was better at talking about this stuff than doing it. Honestly, she definitely had to work on this housewife stuff.


diane said...

When Cute Hubby and I were married, he thought I was going to be his partner in fun. Then I got pregnant. Getting pregnant changes everything. It changed my political views, how I took care of my health, and especially my relationship with Cute Hubby. Rachel's being naive if she thinks it's not about serving. It is, from serving the first cup of honeymoon coffee to cleaning your kids room up after they've left for college.

ivy's closet said...

I like the fact that Rachel thinks she's so wise..yet still has a lot to learn.

ellie said...

Hopefully, Rachel will look on the inside for a change..instead of trying to change others.

Holly said...

as if Rachel has it all figured out.

Ailee Verzosa said...

hello... just dropping by... have a great week!!!

mazzie may said...

I have friends like Rachel..always trying to tell you what to do.

Winnie said...

Marriage is like an adventure, you defintiely grow with it...for better or for worse!