Sunday, January 24, 2010

mind.body.and soul

Bella found her passion. Finally.

It had taken awhile to get back in the swing of things. The fear of going out with two babies in the snow or actually anytime for that matter had gotten the best of Bella for so long. But she started going to Wal-greens first. Just in case, Gordy would have to drive them back. Then she ventured out to join the La Leche League so she could at least meet other mommies, and Gib could make friends.

Of course, she didn't buy completely into the La Leche League mantra. Sure, she wanted to breastfeed for a while, but be diligent in weening them at the appropriate time. No way was she going to let a three year old still be latched on to her, and she knew Fish wouldn't go for the family bed, either.

But it was there that she started yoga with the other mothers as sort of an ice breaker or something to do right before the question and answer session. She showed them how to do yoga with their baby. It was the highlight of her week. Yes, they enjoyed it so much they started meeting once a week. She loved it that they wanted to know the joys of yoga from her. It was so satisfying that she started looking online about how to become a certified instructor.

"Are you sure about this?" Fish almost laughed at her when she brought it up one night at dinner.

"Yeah, I am. I'm really serious." She told him.

"You know how serious you were about the crocheted baby hats, and you made Whitney do all that work for you. You know how that paid off?" He reminded her.

"But it was you who taught me yoga to begin with ,and then I went to those complimentary classes when we lived at the mall back in Austin. I-I haven't forgotten that." She smiled as if it might have been better than sex. Well, might have been.

"OK, that was my fault. I just wanted you to relax, you know." He shrugged.

"And I love yoga. I do, and then, well, Jazz and Kayla both think I should go for it, down at the La Leche League." She told him.

"Isn't that just about breastfeeding?" Fish remembered.

"We've been branching out. They let us have the large meeting room down at the library once a week now. Its a great place for yoga." She explained. "And, and they think I should get paid. I mean, at first I was like, are you kidding me." Bella went to get at envelope out of the kitchen drawer then. She had over 500 bucks in twenty dollar bills.

"Wow." Fish looked through the money.

"I thought about asking dad for the money for the 500 hour course down at the University, but I'm gonna save up." She told him.

"If you really want to go, I'm sure we can find a way, you know." Fish told her.

"It'll be weekends. Weekend trainings." She'd looked at the schedule online. "You'd have to watch the kids."

"Yeah, I could do that." He nodded.

Bella smiled, biting her bottom lip. Perhaps she had found her calling. It was something she couldn't help but smile about.


diane said...

Yea for Bella! She may have found a way to make a serious living on her own. That's wonderful.

ellie said...

I'm happy for her too.

Anonymous said...

I'm back.....Bella, Bella, Bella, that's so great about her! Strong character.

elliestories said...

I love it!

Ailee Verzosa said...

you rock bella... :D