Monday, February 15, 2010

blissful thinking

Rachel had had a change of heart. She supposed. Perhaps it had to do with the false alarm that definitely didn't feel like one with her. The baby was coming. Soon.

"I want you to talk to that minster who keeps bugging me at the library all the time." She looked at Gordy as if it might be the last real thing he ever did for her before the baby came.

"What are you talking about?" Gordy didn't know that anyone was bugging her.

"This woman." Rachel felt drained, as if a vampire had had his way with her, and she wasn't sure if she could go on much longer. She handed him a business card. It was the only one she had like it. No way, was she going to ask the minister who had married her before to marry her again. It would just be bad luck. At the moment, she needed all the luck she could get.

Her back was sore. And she was waiting any second for it to start up again. The contractions.

So Gordy did as she asked and of course, the minister thought that Rachel might need some womanly advice. That sort of visit. Gordy was on the phone with her an awful long time.

"Is she coming?" Rachel squinted.

"Do you realise you're in my pajamas." Gordy looked at her.

"I'm comfortable." She shrugged.

"Look, the Reverend thinks you're scared. We can talk about what we want and decide a date and everything."

"I don't want too." Rachel shook her head. "I want to do this right now." She was certain.

"But what about your Mom. And that cousin of yours in Florida and well, Charlotte will want to be here and so will Rosco. What about my Dad?" Gordy looked at her puzzled. There was just no way they could have a wedding today. It was Presidents Day.

"I don't give a shit about any of them." Rachel wavered to the couch then as if she might go to sleep on her side. "We have our wedding license."

"Yeah, so we're good as a done deal, you know." Gordy smiled as if it was all right.

"No, no I want to do this. Now." Her eyes fluttered then as she thought she might snooze.

Gordy shook his head. The girls were in the with his Mom making breakfast. He went to talk to his mother. Rachel heard the kitchen chairs scrape across the old wooden floor then. Feet moving. Little feet coming to investigate then hurrying away.

Next thing she knew Jane and Lucy were in their pink tutus with the little angel wings they wore for dress up. Rachel squinted. "What are you doing?" She might have been dreaming.

"We're going to dance at your wedding." Jane informed her. As it was, neither had had a lesson in their life.

Rachel doubted she was dreaming now. She didn't move though. The doorbell rang, and it was Charlotte and Rosco. Kal and Whitney had came too.

"Come on, we've got to get you dressed." Gordy got her up. He had her favorite maternity dress which was a red velveteen baby doll dress. White thigh highs too and her favorite black flats. He started helping her out of the bottoms to put on the socks even if everyone was there. Rachel looked at them as if she didn't care. No way was she getting into a bra now. She gave them a big yawn. Charlotte tried to brush her hair, but she wouldn't have it.

Finally, everyone went to the kitchen as Gordy started to unbutton the plaid top.

"I dunno why you wouldn't do this months ago." Gordy sighed. He was in his jeans and a dark V neck T with his dark cordory blazer on. She just looked down at his back high tops. Hadn't he worn the same outfit to prom once?

"Because, I'm not in a hurry." She sighed.

"Yes, you are." He smiled.

"I might not ever have this kid." Rachel blinked. "Maybe it'll happen once we do this."

Gordy just nodded, not even questioning her logic.

She stood in her spot while everyone gathered around. Finally, the minister arrived. As soon as Rachel saw her, the contractions began right on cue. But she could do this marriage thing. She could.


ellie said...

I dunno..she made me think of the sister from 16 candles on her wedding day. Very differen circumstances.

the oaks said...

talk about last minute. definitely, so.

elliestories said...

thats very last minute. I liked how the girls dressed up.

diane said...

Cait, that was brilliant!
Now that's the kind of story that you wind up thinking about all day, and it makes you smile everytime. Bravo! xo d