Friday, February 12, 2010

in these trying times

Emily and Bella had decided to help Charlotte on her little quest for an engagement ring. They went to thrift shops for starters in another town so it wouldn't exactly get back where they'd really found a gem of sorts.

"This should be fun." Emily smiled as if she could be Charlotte's real friend now. Naturally, her sister was looking for baby clothes instead, which was fine with her. More time she could just spend with Charlotte on this venture.

"Look, at these really old rings." They looked a little creepy to her, wondering if they'd been removed off dead fingers, or something. "I wonder what the stories are behind these."

"Probably divorce." Charlotte winced more as she looked.

"Don't be depressing." Emily didn't want to think of that. "Do you need glasses?" Emily looked at Charlotte.

"I don't think so." Charlotte shrugged.

"You should get glasses or contacts or something." Emily said matter of fact like.

"Oh look," Charlotte found one, it was silver, and it looked like a dark corset with flicks of diamonds inlaid in it. She smiled, then asked to see it. "Oh, my God! I love it, and it fits!"

"That's more of a wedding band." Emily crossed her arms.

"Who cares, I want it!" Charlotte gave her a toothy grin. She laid down the three twenties she had. Didn't get but a nickle back.

"You think that's really going to ward off stalkers at the library?" Emily asked as they found Bella on the way out.

"Yes." Charlotte sounded so certain as she wore the ring proudly.

Emily just shook her head. She was thankful she'd moved on from Rosco. So thankful.


Ailee Verzosa said...

hello:D advance happy valentines day to you and to your loved ones!!!!

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Be happy:D

the oaks said...

sweet that Charlotte and Emily can be friends.

diane said...

I love the way Emily made the eyeglass subject instantly relaxed, that's a real talent.

ellie said...

Oh, Emily, always the one in control..and Charlotte doesn't even know.

the oaks said...

Happy valentines!

Schnappy said...

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