Saturday, February 6, 2010

which comes first

"Are you serious?" Rosco looked at Charlotte as if she was just being wishy-washy with him. First they were, then they weren't.

"Don't talk me out of it." She informed him.

Kal had given Whitney his Mom's engagement ring. It just wasn't fair. Rosco was beginning to think.

"It doesn't have to be real. Just temporary. That's all." Rosco knew things could be worse. They could be having a baby right now. That wasn't the worst, but well, he didn't want to bring that up.

"Well, you know, how its going to be." Rosco sighed as he sat there on the couch in his mother's livingroom with Charlotte. "We might be here and awful long time."

"That's not so bad. I like being here. Its home." She promised.

"OK, I know. I wouldn't want to be anywhere, else either. Mom, keeps talking about moving to Vegas. So then. You know, Kal and Whitney would get dibs on her room. Then we could have Kal's room, cause it is bigger." Which meant a bigger bed. "My room would be the nursery then."

"You'd think this house would be bigger, you know that?" Charlotte looked around. He knew she wasn't complaining but perhaps thinking of a secret room no one had uncovered.

"The basement." Rosco smiled. Why hadn't he thought of it sooner. He smiled all over. Of course, it was mostly crap down there that his Mom had never thrown away. Old stuff they never used. Why didn't they clean out the basement?

"We're suppose to be thinking about an engagement ring, Rosco?" She reminded him.

"I know, we'll get one. We will." First things first. But which was first? The ring or basement.


cass and cady said...

oh..the problems they share..hehhee.

diane said...

Definitely the basement. They can have a big yard sale with all of the stuff that they're getting rid of, and put the proceeds towards a ring. :)

Holly said...

the basement sounds great.

Meg said...

The basement might be nice for them.