Wednesday, February 3, 2010

something silly like that

It would happen any day now. Any day. Rachel was about to pop. Then she'd be out 6 weeks tops, and Charlotte would be on her own at the library.

"You can do it." Parker had confidence in her. Of course, after yesterday. She wasn't so sure.

This very unusual college guy had followed her around for 4 hours. If only she hadn't told him not to go into the staff bathroom. If only. But no, it was freaky. Just strange. For the first time, she realised how freaked out one of those pop stars might be about fame. Sort of. Not that he was taking pictures of her. He was just there.

"I'm thinking he needs to put a ring on your finger, just like Biancee says." One of the clerks cornered her.

"What?" Did she think she liked this guy who stuck to her like glue.

"I mean, Ros, this boy who brings you lunch and dinner, sometimes. You see an awful lot of him." The clerk gave her a grin.

"Well, I live with him. He is my boyfriend." Which is exactly what she told this miserable guy who had practically been her lap dog.

"That's not good enough. He'll have to do something about that." The middle aged woman laughed.

Charlotte just winced. Just when she'd felt so grownup about everything in her life, she felt as if she hadn't done anything with it as of yet. She couldn't think of herself being married. But still, it was like that. An awful lot like that. She couldn't see herself with anyone else. She couldn't bare the thought of dating in this world now. Meeting someone new. Speed dating. Bad dates who spilled drinks on you. Questioned your every move.

Well, she was just going to do something about it. She was. Possibly, it might start with a fake engagement ring.


Ailee Verzosa said...

Hello, I've been busy these past few days... Good thing my mom and dad are back in each others arms again after two years of separation... Want to know more, visit my current post.... (Dad's Seattle and Vancouver Trip)


ellie said...

Put a ring on it..hehehee..I like that.

diane said...

The fake ring is a bad idea, although I did that when I bartended.

Love the header.

Liz said...

Thanks! :) I haven't heard from you in a while, how are you?!

past the point said...

I feel bad for Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

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Meg said...

Gosh, some days I am so glad to have my bf and not be stuck in the drappy dating world too!