Friday, April 23, 2010

thats how it is

Parker could see this was all taking a toll on Kat.

"I hate being the No Police here. But you do so much already. Can't one of the girls go out and see her, or something?" Parker tried to be understanding as he tried his best to get Kat to relax. "You can't be there for everything."

"I know. I know." She might have said the words, but he didn't think she could understand. The next best thing, SKYPE.

So he talked to Kat's sister and thankfully, they allowed it in the hospital room.

"See, we can do this. I know it might not be the same, but you can at least see her on the screen." Parker got it all set up in the kitchen. Kat's favorite room in the house.

She just looked at him as if her hair needed to be fixed, or her makeup was all wrong. "It doesn't matter," her promised. Just talk to her.

So Kat sat down at the kitchen table and looked into the laptop. Naturally, she could see her mother thought they were crazy.

"Who does this kind of stuff!" She kept looking at Kat's sister.

Kat had to be all smiles and cheerful. "Hi, Mom!"

"Who said that!" Her Mom looked wild eyed at her. It took a while for her mom to get the jest of of it. But her mother was her natural self, ready for a smoke or at least a good dry wine, which they wouldn't let her have in the hospital.

Kat told her about the baby.

"We're having a baby boy?" Kat shouted.

But her mother was mixed up. She thought she was talking about a great grandchild. So Kat had to explain how Bella had had her baby and Emily wasn't going to have a baby. "Its me, Mom. Kat. I'm the one having the baby."

"How did that happen?" Her Mom was in shock.

Kat just laughed. Parker smiled and waved into the camera then.

"Its all my fault." He told Kat's mother. Of course, the old woman just looked into the camera as if they both must be pulling a prank on her.


ellie said...

hahaha..I liked the ending.

so jade said...

Really, I'm glad she could talk with her..someway.

misty said...

glade they were able to use the computer to do this.

lily said...

what can i say. good stuff.

Ailee Verzosa said...

(✬._.✬)Hello, my blog site had been idled for a couple of months now. And I am sure that I am BACK.
Care to visit my newest post, THANK YOU!

degrassi after hours said...

He's a good guy.

Raigan said...

my have I missed so so so much...I feel so lost now :(

hope everything in your summer is going well!


Syed (dapper kid) said...

Awww haha, well that is definitely one way of letting your mother know you're pregnant!

diane said...

Hi Cait, Bet you thought I died or something. It's been a big summer, that's the only excuse I've got for my absence.
I think I'd better put you on my blogroll so I don't lose sight of you again.

diane said...

Coming back here is like seeing General Hospital after a long absence. Sorry I've been away so long. Thanks for your sweet hello today, it made my day to hear from you. xo d