Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Who wouldn't want Derrick? He's got it all. Lives in the city, has a record company up and running with his brother, got the look.
He's in to tattoos, piercings, all night parties, roadtrips and very indie rock bands.
But Crystal may like him more than Emily does. Crystal can be rather aloof and fickle, sometimes. Only, Derrick really doesn't even know about Emily. This might cause alarm once he figures it out, but as of yet he hasn't.
Emily has just been playing along. Its a pretty good gig in a way. But really is it as much fun as she thinks it is or is she just punishing herself instead.
Finally, Derrick let Emily/Crystal go once he figured out she was a bit mental. Now he's hooked up with Carrie. Married and have their bands going. Some of the time together. Some of the time not. And he might have his eye on somebody new this summer.

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