Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mom is all right

"How could you!" Emily screamed into her cell. She just couldn't settle down. Her father was back. At the house. Her mother's house. It wasn't his house anymore. It was the worse scenario ever.

"Well, she didn't tell him no." Bella told her.

Emily had just got the house in almost order. She was back to working at a salon nearby, every other day. It gave her time to volunteer on Fridays at the assistant living home. Perhaps it was frivolous to some, but it made her happy to make someone smile with a haircut. Sometimes, a makeup session too.

"You don't think...they aren't sleeping together, are they?" Emily couldn't help but ask.

"Of course not." Bella sounded offended that Emily would jump to that conclusion. "There are plenty of empty rooms in the house. He might be in the basement for all I know."

"You haven't gone back?" Emily knew her sister would be this way. Just her usual selfish self. She didn't care. She didn't care about their Mom in the least.

"I've been busy." Bella sighed.

"Fine." Emily guessed she'd do it. "I'll come home this weekend."

"But isn't another snow storm moving in?" Bella reminded her.

"Fine." Emily didn't know what else to say. This horrible winter was keeping her from being there to stop her father from doing anything he shouldn't be doing. Of course, she wasn't sure what that was, but Bella needed to find out. "You'll have to be my eyes and ears."

"Oh, God." Bella sighed. "Fine."


ellie said...

I love their banter.

Yesha said...

Who could stop her from worrying?

Lux and Stan said...

Looks like emily might be back.

lucy and sarah said...

They are truly sisters.

cady said...


It's amusing, but I definitely get why Emily feels the way she does.

meg said...

somethings just can't change between them.

Em [the writer] said...

Woah woah woah woah....??? You haven't posted in could you possibly know of any stories on my new account?

Through My Eyes said...

Poor Emily I can only imagine her dilemma. Though things will be fine, I'm sure of it.