Wednesday, February 2, 2011

holding on

"Nothing survives."

Rosco thought he heard Charlotte say while they were at Kal and Whitney's. They'd just had dinner. Charlotte was holding Kal's newest edition, Kaylie. Charolette looked drugged up. She sat there doe eyed as if she'd just came from shock treatments. He was a little uneasy about her holding the curly haired baby, but Whitney had wanted her to see how much the four month old had grown.

Rosco took the baby from her and held on to his niece. She kicked her little feet into his chest. But he didn't let it hold him back.

"So anyone, see anything good the movies." It was time to talk. About something.

"No." Kal and Whitney looked at each other. "I don't think I've seen a movie since Kaylie was born. That was months ago," Whitney said with her hands in her back pockets.

"I'm not really that big of fan, anyway." Kal shook his head. "I'd rather be at home. You know, I'm working on song writing."

"Great." Rosco kept smiling. "Play something for us."

Again, Kal and Whitney looked at each other.

"We're really not ready, just yet." Kal sighed.

"You two are writing, together?" Rosco grinned. This was fantastic to him.

"Well, kind of." Whitney shrugged. "But don't worry, I'm not leaving my day job."

"Me either." Kal scratched the back of his head.

Rosco looked back at Charlotte who looked as if she were in another world. Thank god, they weren't still living here, he thought then. He really didn't want to mess up this happy life of Whitney and Kal's. But he felt sad. So sad. He didn't know if he could stand anymore of this sadness of Charlotte's.


cady said...

I like how complex and simple this is.

I wonder what Kal and Whitney's music sounds like...

lucy and sarah said...

I do feel for Char & Rosco.

Holly said...

It would be hard to be Rosco now.

molly said...

I can see why she's depressed. I just dunno how Rosco can get through this.

molly said...

I can see why she's depressed. I just dunno how Rosco can get through this.

Em [the writer] said...

That's just sad, this really did have a melancholy feel to it.

That's okay by the way, I get it. Haha if you want to see the article it's posted up here:

michelle ma belle said...

thanks for the comment, Im flattered :)

Through My Eyes said...

It is hard with so much stress, but at least they are talking.

Yesha said...

Rosco sounds/looks familiar to me. :)