Tuesday, February 15, 2011

here we are

They should have been celebrating Valentines day, but here they were, over at her mother's. Bella knew she had to be there. She hadn't meant to let this many days slip by with her dad there. Actually, she thought he'd be gone by now.

"He's starting this new job." Her mother sighed.

"So, are you OK, with that?" Bella had her arm around her mother's shoulder. They were in her mother's little haven with the baby who had gone to sleep on them again. They watched him for sometime, on his back. His dark tuffs of hair made him look a bit of a rockstar already.

"I guess, I have to be. He won't say it, but he still acts like this is ...his house." Her mother hugged himself.

"Where is he sleeping?" Bella wanted to know. She didn't think there was any love lost between them.

"The basement." Her mom looked hurt that she'd even have to ask.

"I just hope he's behaving himself." Bella sighed.

"I guess. He, he hasn't had much to do with Sam. You know, how he is around kids. But he kept talking about Jane and you know, your kids. I think he wants to be a grandpa, now." Kat nodded.

"Really?" Bella didn't see that, but maybe he was ready.

Just then, Jane jetted in. Bella and Kat shushed her, but she barreled on to the bed. Thankfully, it didn't squeak.

"Is grandpa an alien?" She asked.

Kat looked at Bella wondering what that meant.

"His parents came from Quebec." Kat told her.

"I think he's from outerspace." She decided. "My gramp is an alien from outer space."

Bella and Kat couldn't help but smile.


ivy said...

I love Jane!!!

ellie said...

Oh, Jane always knows how to spring it on them.

cady said...

I love Jane too. She reminds me of this kid I used to tutor . . . I think her mom let her watch too much television.

meg said...

A great mother.daughter.granddaughter moment.

Through My Eyes said...

Is grandpa and alien? I love Jane :D