Wednesday, April 23, 2008

everything we can't let go

Emily scavenged everywhere in Gordy's place to see if there was any possibility that he might be with Delia. Nothing. But still Bella didn't believe her.

"Why are you doing this? Why do you care?" Emily found herself shouting into her cell, but dropped her voice since Jane was asleep and Gordy would be home any minute. "Look, you got all the pictures of Jane, didn't you?" At least she'd done one thing right that her sister had asked of her.

Bella muttered, yes. She didn't sound any better than the last time they'd spoke. "Have you gone to a doctor?" She was worried now. What if Kal wasn't really taking care of her like he promised. Maybe she was really ill. Maybe it just wasn't a sinus infection like Bella said it might be. "Get yourself, checked out, OK?" Then Emily remembered one thing.

"You know, if you should be worried about anyone snatching Gordy, you should think about Mom," Emily said. "Yes, Mom. She's gone bonkers this last week, having Gordy and Jane over so much. She even made cookies...just for Gordy."

Of course, Bella figured Dad must be on a business trip. "She's just making up for lost time, thats all. She can't help herself. She knows what an ass, Dad is. You be nice to her, OK. You are being nice to her, aren't you Em?"

"Of course." Emily let it go at that. She'd kept to herself, mostly. She still had a lot on her mind when it came to Rosco, but she didn't bring him up. She wouldn't. She didn't want anyone to know she was thinking about him. Not even Rosco. "Look, I hear a car door. Gordy's home. Gotta go." And with that she cut Bella off. Her work was done here. Of course, she knew she would have made a lousy spy. After all, all she'd managed to find of Gordy's in his dresser drawer was some old chap-stick, unmatched socks and an outdated condom. She was pretty sure, he wasn't getting any.

"Back already?" It was almost midnight. She played up her innocence by keeping her hands behind her back.

"She all right?" He checked on the baby in her crib.

"Never better." She twisted and turned a little wondering what she could ask that might give him away that maybe he wasn't so Mr. Mom, all the time. But she couldn't think of what to ask. "Have fun?"

"Not that much." He sighed. "So what do I owe you."

"Owe me? What do you take me for?" She rolled her eyes.

"Um, some one who needs funds for those fancy boots that are suppose to last a life time, perhaps?"

"I'm not Bella." She shrugged. "You gotta remember that." She went over to the couch then as if she didn't have to go. "Take a load off. How is everything?" Hopefully, she didn't sound too desperate or sexy or whatever. "Promise, I will not hurt you." She smoothed the dark green cushion on the sofa with her hand. Finally he sat down, but really not too close.

She looked around then. "You know, you could really use a make over." It did look like a basement. Dark and woody and something out of the seventies. "You could use a paint job. You know, lighten it up down here."

"Doesn't matter to me." He shrugged.

"Well, if you ever need a helping hand, I love to paint." She smiled with a nod.

"I'll have to remember that." He was a little indifferent. "So whats up with you and you know, your new lover?" He exagerated as if he might be a host of a TV show.

"You didn't just say that?" She blushed. "For the record, nothing really happened. I just cut his hair from time to time. I could cut your hair too, if you wanted."

"Not tonight." He shook his head, no. "But I think there is more to the story than you're letting on."

"Ok, I like him. Maybe he likes me. Its just, nobody is suppose to know," she said.

"Nobody?" Gordy squinted. "I don't know if I like the sound of that. Why is it such a big deal?" Gordy stretched his arm out then. It almost touched her back.

"Something about us almost like family. I don't know. He's mysterious that way." She looked away wondering if he found her to be some immature imbecile who would be gullible for anything, especially when it came to guys.

"What a load a crap?" Gordy shook his head, no. "He's gonna use you."

"He's not like that. He's not. He's very shy." She shrugged.

"I just bet the hell he is." Gordy sighed. "See, you need to find someone who wants to show you off...I mean, you know, wants to be seen with you. Want to do things with you. You don't want to miss out on that kind of stuff. You gotta quit now before it gets too deep."

Her heart sank a little. She felt a little woozy just listening to him. Possibly, she wanted to cry. Why couldn't Rosco be more like him? Why was he avoiding her so?

"Its probably my nose." She then said.

"What?" His voice almost cracked in a laughed. He touched it. "Your nose is fine. You've got a great nose."

"Its not like Bella's. Her's is small and cute. Mine is huge. Its my grandma's Jewish nose. That's what it is." She told him.

"And I bet your grandma is beautiful." He smiled back.

She started to cry then. She didn't mean too. She was messed up. It was all her fault about Rosco. But some how his embrace made it all OK. She just wanted Gordy to keep holding her.


Cate said...

oh, i like the gordy and emily couple! i think he's better than rosco ^^
but if mom and gordy have something going on...?

i'd like to see what gordy's room (the one that needs painting) looks like!
and thanks for linking me!

ROBOTS said...

tks for the comment.
you are always welcome!

The Bleeding Rose said...

o.o I love this. Keep writing.