Tuesday, April 22, 2008

in the basement

Gordy felt a bit naked without Jane. It just didn't feel right to be alone without her, but then he was thankful she wasn't in the middle of the mess in Floyd's basement.

There were old amps, new ones and a mess of cords leading no where. And nothing was even plugged in because Floyd was still in the middle of his Rainbow Six game.

"What's up?" Floyd was in no hurry to start their so called jam sessions.

Gordy took a seat next to Floyd on the old beer stained couch to watch his game.

"Not a lot, just a little freaky, maybe." Gordy blinked trying to keep himself from falling asleep.

"Freaky? How so?" Floyd concentrated on the game.

"I'm afraid B's Mom might have the hots for me." Gordy shrugged.

"Shit, you for real? That's so fuck'n hot!" Floyd laughed, a little doped and perhaps dazed.

Gordy winced. He wasn't so sure about the 'fuck'n hot' stuff. Just the thought of his child's grandmother wanting him in a bedroom way made him want to crawl in a hole.

"I just can't see it." Gordy shook his head, no. He hoped he didn't look that desperate.

"But she's a hot cougar babe, you know what I mean?" He elbowed Gordy.

"For you, perhaps." Gordy tried to laugh it off, "That's what you call'm? Hot cougar babes?"

"She's a well put together woman. You've noticed that?"

"No, I haven't," said Gordy. "I don't want too."

"Come on, you might get lucky, " Floyd smiled.

"Stop thinking about it, will you?" Gordy rolled his eyes. " I think I might of upset Emily, too."

"What did you do now?" Floyd had a thumb war with his controller as he was battling out on screen now. Finally the game ended with a blood bath.

"I don't know. I just said, she had a glow. You know, like maybe she's in love or something." Gordy scratched the back of his head, thinking now it was possibly the worst thing he ever said to anyone, but he couldn't take it back.

"A glow, like how? Who you think she's messing with?"

"Hopefully, not you." Gordy gave Floyd the stare, but Floyd gave him the bug eye back.

"You are so giving me ideas, bro." He grinned jumping off the couch now to unplug the TV and gaming system so they could start up their tunes.

"I won't do it again. I promise." Gordy followed trying to figure out how to get over the mess to find which guitar he was suppose to practice on.

Floyd flipped on the power.

"Come on, lets make some history." And Floyd showed his raw rock'n stuff on his electric guitar. Gordy thought he might have a heartattack from just the vibration. Man, was he out of practice.

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The Bleeding Rose said...

Wow . . . I love this story. Keep writing.