Monday, April 21, 2008

slightly unusual

Gordy felt a bit awkward in Emily and Bella's kitchen, but their Mom, Candace had made sloppy joes, and it was all there on the table with home fries and cole slaw when he went to pick up Jane after he woke up at four in the afternoon.

"You know, you shouldn't have," he said, but ate anyway. Jane was already content in her high chair.

"We'll just call it our tea time, " she smiled and her hand settled on his back. He almost jumped. Bella's dad really didn't like having him around, but her Dad was on a business trip so Candace called Gordy and said she'd love to have Jane this week while he could sleep. Only this never happened, not an early dinner at Bella's. Gordy was about to break into a sweat.

"Tea time it is. " He smiled and toasted his iced tea in the air.

"Really, you are doing all right these days, aren't you?" She asked.

He wasn't expecting money because he'd heard all the arguments about the Jane issue. He settled with a, "Yes. Fine and dandy." He hoped he hadn't sounded cynical even if perhaps he was. He just wanted to eat and go, but then Emily showed up.

"Now don't you have a glow?" He remarked when he saw her drop her backpack by the backdoor of the kitchen. He wasn't sure what it was about her. Maybe it was her attitude or just the smile.

"What?" She winced as if he shouldn't have said anything to her. "What's so different about me?"

"Woo....the suspense is killing, who's got a new boyfriend?" He meant as a joke. Maybe.

"I don't." She crossed her arms, brought one hand near where it had happened.

"You know, you wiggle your lip just a little when-" he pointed to her upper lip then lower lip.

She bit her bottom lip.

"What's this, Emily? A boyfriend." Candace caught part of the conversation.

"Like that would happen." She looked at the ceiling then.

"That Rosco boy was over, Kal's brother." Her Mom squinted. "Is there something I should know?"

"No." She looked sternly at Gordy and picked herself up a sloppy joe in a napkin and went to her room.

"Sorry, really didn't mean to start anything." Gordy went ahead and finished his sloppy joe then had another. He kept smiling to himself. Yeah, he remembered those days, when nothing was really something with a girl, but if there was something going on with Rosco, would that be a bad thing?

He finished up, washed his dish off and put it in the sink, then got Jane ready to go.

"Thanks again, " He said while holding Jane.

"Just a second." She loaded him up with a plastic bag of goodies. Some baby shampoo and diapers along with her tuna noodle salad. "Its always best the next day. You could have it for lunch."

"I'll have it for breakfast." He nodded with a smile.

Candace then gave Jane a kiss on the cheek, but then she gave Gordy a kiss on the cheek as well. Gordy flushed. He hadn't expected that. He didn't know what he was suppose to do. Why in the hell was she being so nice to him now? He thought.

He walked out then, cringing slightly with Jane and bag of goodies.


The Bleeding Rose said...

O_o This is getting really good. I love it. Keep writing.

ROBOTS said...

good blog!

Cate said...

wow, keep writing!!! i can't wait how it goes on.