Tuesday, May 6, 2008

easier said than done

Fish had just about talked her into it. Bella wasn't sure if it was the fajitas he made or maybe there was just something special about that salsa to make her listen so intently.

"What you ought to do is just get yourself a job. Earn some cash. Then get yourself on a bus and go home," he told her for the tenth time while they were chilling with lime beer. "And you can stay as long as you like. Its the least I could do."

Bella felt sleepy. She wasn't even sure of her answer. It could have been complete oblivion. Even his words. Were his words slurring? Or was she just not listening correctly. Yet, he was making a lot sense. And maybe he was right. Just do this yourself. No way were they getting her phone back. She was not going back to the New Light. She would have nothing to do with those people. And if Kal liked it there, then he could stay. She was too tired to care.

But right now, she was finally full. She'd been so hungry and now she was sleepy.

"I promise I'll look for a job tomorrow." She was going to do it. She was going to make it on her own. All on her own. Of course, with a little help from Fish. She wasn't sure what it was about him, but thank God, she'd found him.

But there was that other part of him to put up with. The one who wanted to play around. The one who stole a kiss. Really, she wasn't in the mood, but before she knew it....there they were on the futon. It was if he was kissing away some sort of pain that Bella didn't even know she had.

Yes, she was hurt and she believed he could make it better. There was no torture. Instead it was like a steady breeze or the waves gentle tug on a lake. But she just didn't know what she was doing.

Although, she was sure she could keep a secret from Kal. And really, like Fish said, he'd never have to know since really it wasn't that bad. Just a little fun. "A little fun never hurt anyone," he kept whispering in her ear.

His lips moved over her, tickling her belly button and even lower. There were positions that she'd never tried. It was simple, yet felt so complex in her mind, and yet it was bliss. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been this content.


meaghan said...

thanks for the comment.
i dig that you dig brick and sufjan stevens by the way. I saw them play in a church basement once. amazing!

jenny h. said...

thanks so much for the comments :)

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