Monday, May 5, 2008

it could happen

Finally, Emily could breathe easy. Rosco called her when he told her he'd gotten a voicemail from Kal. "Everything's find. He's even got him a gig going, evidently. He really sounded confident. I guess he's doing what he wanted all along." Rosco's voice sounded a little down.

"Hey, remember you can always start a new band. You don't have to wait for him to come back. What if he doesn't come back for a long while. You know, like end of summer or whatever." Emily was going through her closet looking to recycle, if possible, something into extraordinary. She pulled at a ruffled skirt she hadn't worn since middle school. Perhaps it was time to make it into a top to go with her jeans.

"I dunno," Rosco said as if she was asking the impossible.

"Gordy plays. He could get Floyd to round everything out, maybe. I'll help." She told him, but first she really wanted to tackle this skirt into a flowy baby-doll top while she was thinking about it.

"But, you know its me, and you know how it went down with him and Kal. Just can't see it happening." Rosco reminded her. It was true, Gordy and Kal were pretty much enemies over Bella, but if she hadn't been in the picture, they might still be best of friends.

"I'll talk to him. This might be just what he needs to get him out of this rut he's in. You know." It was an idea. It would be fun. All of them together, making music. "Who knows, you guys might get in with some of the other bands you know. It could work. You can't just give up, Rosco."

"All right, you talk to Gordy. I'll talk to Floyd. Maybe he knows someone who can play the drums." He didn't sound exactly inspired.

"We could spend our whole summer together," Emily chimed in.

"You'd do that?" Rosco sounded surprised.

"Well, yeah." She was stretching out the skirt on her bed. Then she one of her t-shirts on top of it. Somehow, she was going to make something amazing out this skirt, and she wouldn't look as if she was going to fiesta in it.


The Bleeding Rose said...

"What if he doesn't come back for a long while. You know, like end of summer or whatever."

I love that line.

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zoeeeee said...

pictures to go along?

Fashion Ivy said...

Hey thanks for visiting my blog. would u like to link?

ellie said...

Hey, I wonder what that top will look like that she makes?