Saturday, May 3, 2008

everyone needs a Fish

Fish lived upstairs from the mall. It was small, it smelled of musk and weed and a futon seemed to be the only real thing to sit on in his apartment.

"I got one of those pay as you go phones." He handed her his cell. "Doesn't have too many minutes on it."


She dialed her Mom's home phone immediately, but after several rings, she got a voice operator saying, that the phone wasn't in service.

"Shit." She had a brain fart. She had no idea what her sister's cell phone was because it was a direct dial on her own cell phone. In fact, they all were. She had no clue what anyone's phone number was. And then she remembered her Mom got a cell phone service and did away with the home phone.

She felt like an imbecile. How could she be so stupid?

"Did it work?"

Fisher stood there with his hands in his back pockets.

She shook her head, no.

He took the phone from her. "Sorry, it really is a shitty phone. Its the only kind my Mom would buy since I kind of gave her bad credit after the last phone she got me."

"No, Its not the phone. Its just I don't know my sister's phone number and my Mom changed phones." She sank into the futon, covering her hands over her face. She was a sad sight.

"Well, you'll think of something." He sat down next to her and patted her back.

She wished he wasn't so friendly, but then again at least he was friendly.


ellie said...

ok, i love the name fish!

Anonymous said...

love your blog!

Madeline said...

How cool.:D

Cate said...

i love the character fish!

The Bleeding Rose said...

Poor Bella . . .

feels so much like falling
(listening to Flyleaf right now)