Sunday, May 4, 2008

this is how it's done

It felt good to actually help someone out. Even if it was Floyd. Gordy missed that feeling. As it was, he felt everyone was tripping over themselves trying to help him with Jane. Well, some of the time. Other times, he knew they didn't help enough.

If he thought about it long enough, he knew he'd get angry about his Mom, even Bella's family, but he didn't want to go there. He wanted to focus on this thing with Floyd and Serena. This just might be what Floyd needed to grow up.

He got Floyd to ask Serena out.

"I think its a fucking mistake." Floyd didn't know if he could do it. A date. A real date with a woman, no less. She was twenty.

"You'll do fine," Gordy cheered him on. "You'll have a lot to talk about. You'll see."

"And then what?" Floyd looked a bit green on the subject of dating.

"Then you take her home, tell her you had a nice night, give a good night kiss, then you go home." Gordy felt sort of silly telling him this at two in the morning at Walgreens, but they were alone.

"Right." Floyd shook his head, yes, then no. "I don't do shit like that."

"I know, you should try it some time, instead of having this stupid plan in your head how you're just going to have sex with her and slip out once you're done."

"Aw, come on, its not that bad. Its mutual, mostly." Floyd told him with his hands stiff in his jeans pockets.

"If you say so, but uh, you never hang around long enough to find out otherwise, now do you?" Gordy thought if they'd been out the parking lot he'd have beat some sense into his friend, but as it was, all this would go in one ear and out the other.

"Its going to be different this time," Floyd said. "I'm gonna treat Serena right."

"You should. You really should. You can do this Floyd." Gordy agreed with a smile. "But its not like you're going over there right now, is it?"

"Right." Floyd picked up some gum then and paid for it and left.

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The Bleeding Rose said...

Hahaha. Good stuff. Keep it coming.