Friday, June 6, 2008

making plans

"I don't know why we're doing this?" Rosco was still reluctant to sit on every couch in Good Will.

"Because we already said we would." Emily gave him the look. She had the cash. It would get done. They would have a sofa and chair for Gordy's new place.

"I know, I just feel stupid, being here." He shrugged finding him a couch to lay on.

"You're with me, you have to get past stupid." Emily looked across the field of sofas. She'd never seen so many. "I just hate to see Gordy's basement go. There was just so much potential there, you know. I love that basement."

"You did?" Rosco looked at her as if she'd lost it, "It looked kind of boring."

"That's why it would make a fantastic place for us!" It was like an epiphany. Emily supposed. "I want us to live there."


"You and me." She was certain of it. "We'll rent it. We'll get married and we'll rent the place."

"We'll rent Gordy's basement?" Rosco squinted. "I don't even have a job. I'm gonna be a senior in high school. We can't get married. Who does things like that?"

"We do." She saw it then. The velvet dark green sofa and chair. She supposed Delia had spotted it already. Emily jumped up then and pointed. "There it is! That's the sofa and chair!" Of course, the cozy black one she'd been making her plans on would be perfect if they got Gordy's basement.


ellie said...

Emily is getting a bit demanding. But I like it.

Cady Lola Cep said...

Well doesn't she have everything all figured out?


Good stuff. Keep it coming.

rohit said...

Love the pictures you have posted. you HAVE DONE AMAZING WORK them?They are fabulous!these are gorgeous illustrations!Very nice,Lovely pictures.

Kira Fashion said...

have a great weekend sweetie!
a kiss!

Anonymous said...


I love the way you have with writing. :) Its unique and amazingly detailed.

Karen xoxo

Sugar Pop said...

i love the unconventional ways of your characters...

did they happen to run into eric and ellie while they were there? haha

thanx for the comment, have an awesome weekend yourself :)

Fashion Ivy said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I never saw THAT coming! :o

autumn said...

wow. cool. another good story. i'll try to keep up. =]

thanks for visiting my blog. ^^

Siljesfashion said...

Love your writing, its a treat everytime.