Wednesday, June 4, 2008

quite simple

Delia was over, helping Gordy pack things. She said it was the least she could do.

"I don't think you know what you're getting in to," Gordy said who was lifting boxes in a pile by the door. He was slowly edging his way out of the place. Of course, his mother was upstairs in a stew of sorts. She wasn't speaking to him over the move which was no help to him.

"Look, how cute you were when you were six?" She laughed packing a framed school picture of him with a skater haircut.

"I don't think we need that." He grabbed it out of the box. "Just stuff out of the dresser."

She held up a framed picture of Gordy and Bella then. "Keep it or chunk it?"

"I know what I want to do with it, but it's Jane's." He let her pack it.

Just then Floyd strolled in empty handed.

"Here at your service," he made a bit of an introduction and then he saw Delia, and everything came to a halt. Just what Gordy needed, time for Floyd to get his flirt on. Not.

"There are the boxes, just go to them, my friend." Gordy pointed. It was Floyd who was taking them over to the new place.

"All righty then," He looked back at Delia. "Are you going to help?" She bent over to pick up something. Floyd was definitely looking. Gordy cleared his throat.

"I am helping," Delia said.

"Floyd, I believe we've got to get this party started." He was running on a schedule here of sorts. Bella's Mom had taken Jane for the day.

"I'm coming." Floyd sighed.

"You do know Floyd, don't you?" Gordy didn't think he needed any introductions.

"Yes, I know of him." She looked back at him, gave him a wink.

"OK, maybe I don't want to know how well you know him. Lets just get out of here!" He really was at his wits end. He was nervous about this, but he didn't want to be. And no matter how much guilt his mother could weigh on him, this had to be done.

He picked up a box Delia just packed. As he came to the basement steps, he saw the familiar red Converses. Gordy looked up it was Emily and Rosco.

"What are you doing here?" Gordy ask.

"We want to replace your couch," Emily said. "But we don't have much cash so it won't be new. I just thought I'd ask what we should be looking for?"

Gordy just shrugged.

Just then Delia came out of the bedroom, "Look for something, hunter green, plush and cozy," she told them. "Even better if you can manage a chair to match. One, great for reading big picture books in. Think you two can manage that?" She handed them over a hundred dollar bill.

Rosco nodded, pulled Emily back before she could manage another sentence. They were on a mission now.

Delia went back to the bedroom to pack clothes. Gordy, just shook his head. It would be a miracle if he moved in tonight.

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ellie said...

I'm glad Gordy is moving forward. Floyd is always a tad offbeat.

Cady Lola Cep said...

Nice of Emily and Rosco to buy Gordy a "new" (should have said "another") couch. I can understand why he'd want (or need) one.

About my story . . . yes, C & C live together . . . and Cassandra doesn't work where Christopher does. Thanks for reading. =]


Aw, Delia is so nice!

"OK, maybe I don't want to know how well you know him." Hahaha I loved that!

Kira Fashion said...

a kiss for you dear!

see you!

taffy. said...

love the stories!
thank you :)

changed the URL

Cate said...

delia is so nice. i can imagine floyd is a bit an annoying person to be with ^^