Friday, August 22, 2008

Bella & Jane

Bella was a little miffed that Gordy wasn't still there when she got to his place. It was if he was trying his best to be a ghost. Why was he like that?

Rosco was there with Jane.

"You sure you know what you're doing?" She'd asked Rosco first thing before she saw Jane who was in her room playing.

"Yeah, I think so."

"You don't sound so sure?"

"We'll be fine." Rosco nodded as if she were the joke.

Bella sighed and walked on. She needed to see Jane. Now. Yet she wasn't sure what she'd do when she saw her. What would Jane think?

She saw the back of Jane's head. The fluff of dark blond hair shocked her a bit. She thought of Emily. She remembered when Emily was little. The pictures of them when they were small. Why couldn't she see herself in Jane? Just Emily.

Naturally, the tears emerged. Jane paid her no mind but dug through her toy box of stuff animals and pots and pans. She entertained herself for the most part. Bella now felt as if she were the ghost. Standing in the doorway, staring.

"Hey, Janey, want some cheerios?" Rosco then asked.

Of course, Jane came to him and ignored Bella completely.

"I'd like to stay the night if that's all right with you," Bella said. "But you should stay too. I can sleep in Jane's room."

"I could sleep on the couch." Rosco said. "Maybe you and Jane could sleep in Gordy's room." A shiver came over Bella. Did she really want to go there?


Cate said...

i guess it's serena that's keeping gordy from meeting bella... i still don't know what to think of serena. it seems to me that bella was pretty unsure, meeting jane without gordy. i'd be too, in her place.
it is possible that jane looks like emily, but it must be hard for bella. i really hope the two of them, jane and bella, daughter and mother, hit it off.

ellie said...

I think its more of gordy not wanting to see Bella that Serena keeping him away.

simon n josh said...

I'm glad Rosco is there.

taffy. said...

oh goodness...
gordy & bella need to SEE EACH OTHER!

and rosco is good good good.
jane basically has a second dad :)

Anonymous said...

I think you have such an awesome blog. I love the pictures and everything and your posts are so capturing. You should become an Author:-) Thank you for the sweet comment by the way:-)

autumn said...

i want to see what'll happen when gordy and bella see each other. hehe. anyway, i hope, bella and jane will have a good time together. though it's not that easy, i know.