Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rachel & Andy

Emily didn't know Rachel was serious, but she really wanted her to come over to dinner at her mother's house.

"You've got to meet Andy," Rachel went on about him like she had her very own Zac Afron in her bedroom. Well, he wasn't quite plastic as a Ken doll, but he was much more sexy than Emily imagined.

Hopefully, he didn't notice that she'd noticed. Why in the hell would he wear a black wife beater and black skinny jeans to dinner? Emily kept hearing voices in her head. Emily couldn't even speak. Damn, he was giving her some mysterious disease and she hated it. She thought she might choke on the bread stick she took out of niceness.

She got to hold the baby. Emily didn't notice any really horrible side affects from what Rachel had mentioned. The bald head was perfectly round, and she looked like a little cherub in her pink outfit.

"She's beautiful." But Emily's eyes filled with tears. She missed Jane. She'd loved dressing her up and taking her places even if were to the Dollar Tree for cheap crap. She missed those days. That life. Here she was alone with Rachel and her husband Andy who looked barely old enough to conceive anything. Well, old enough. Yes, he was old enough to make her want to stare, but not stare.

And to think the matter of conceiving was when they'd been too drunk to even remember what happened. She bet they both threw up, afterwards. They were both so skinny, Emily diagnosed them with eating disorders, already. But there was Andy wiping his plate clean with the last of the bread. And Rachel had eaten a huge portion of spaghetti too.

"Breast feeding, you know," Rachel shrugged. "Takes a lot out of you."

"I bet it does." Emily didn't know. She kept watching Andy eat more. God, why did she enjoy watching him eat?

Why hadn't she faked a date with Rosco? Oh, that's right, he's got that live in with him. God, he was such a bore. Besides, it wouldn't have happened. She could have paid him big time, and he still would not have come to this dinner with her.

He kept saying there was nothing between him and Carrie. It made Emily that much colder to think there was something. There had to be. And as she watched Rachel and Andy, she came to realise it was all her fault that there hadn't been anything between Rosco and Carrie. He still loved her.


ellie said...

I think she enjoys what she does to Rosco..maybe even Andy too.

Cady Lola Cep said...

I think perhaps Emily is my favorite. Just because she's all confused and sad and screwed up in so many ways.

I like this part.

Anonymous said...

its funny how you metioned her own zac efron

taffy. said...

aww, she totally loves the power she has over rosco.
but andy sounds like a sex monster!

Liz said...

I keep wondering if Rosco and Emily will find a way to get back together, or if there'll be something between him and Carrie.

autumn said...

i still want Emily and Rosco back together. lol. no comment yet about andy. =]