Wednesday, August 20, 2008

times up

"What?" Gordon had to sit down on the couch. Bella was on the phone. "You're back. You want to come over?" He sighed. He looked up at Serena who'd just finish packing their bags for the trip they planned to the country. "Well, sure you can come over. " He paused looking at Jane then, wondering if you knew what he was actually doing. "If you're coming by, then you could take Jane with you. We were on our way out of town, but Rosco will be here anyway, if you don't want to do it. He said he'd stay over. You know, since she's so used to her room and all."

He saw Serena turn away from him and go back to the bedroom. Gordy hung up then and went to check on Serena while Jane followed.

"It'll be fine," He slightly smiled. "The trip is still on." Gordy rubbed her shoulders then.


He hugged her from behind then. "She just wanted to see Jane, that's all. Not me."

"OK, I know." Serena nodded.

He breathed in her ear then, kissed her neck. Serena then smiled with a slight giggle.

"It'll be great, you'll see," Gordy sighed. "Rosco will be here any minute. We'll leave before Bella even gets here."

Serena turned then and kissed his lips as if she'd make him forget everything if Bella would only let him.

Gordy wondered if they'd have time for something before Rosco got there. He'd have to put Jane down for a nap. But the doorbell rang. It had to be Rosco.


UmassSlytherin said...

I don't know why but serena just gives me the creeps! :(

Great update! More soon, please! :)

Cate said...

bad timing, rosco ;-)

simon n josh said...

gotta wonder whats really going through gordy's head. you know, maybe he really did want to see bella.

Karine said...

Gordy is quite smart ,han?It has to be Rosco,although he'll be very pissed off.


I like the fact that you have the characters right next the post,so we can go back and remember their story.

Look..I wrote the last part of the story in my blog!
Check it out!


UMassSlytherin said...

Ultimate fan fic in the works and you're in it: and your favorite celeb: check this link, please and you'll see what I mean!

taffy. said...

i do rather like serena, actually

Sydney Speel said...

Serena turned then and kissed his lips as if she'd make him forget everything if Bella would only let him.

i love this line.

it paints serena's character completely in my opinion.

i love it!

Liz said...

Very bad timing, rosco. XD

autumn said...

serena's having self-pity. i don't know how i feel for her. i want more of Bella and Emily. lol.