Sunday, September 28, 2008

new ways and old habits

Emily saw them together after school, but she hadn't said anything to Rosco about it. She wanted to wait until they were alone and tell him everything. Everything about Gordy. But when would Rosco be alone now. Rachel just couldn't seem to get enough of him.

Her laugh was annoying, and Emily so wanted to put a stop to it, but that would be wrong. She hadn't really seen Rosco this happy in a long time. She didn't want to spoil it. She couldn't.

So she kept to herself at school. Mostly. There were Casper moments. Only they felt so far and few. And she knew he could tell something was up even if he never said anything.

It was just too quiet.

"We need to do something," Emily told Casper.

"Like what? You have a cure for world peace?" He almost grinned.

"As if?" She could tell he so wanted to annoy her.

"I am thinking we will go to Homecoming and have a mighty fine time." She mustered all the sweetness she could find just to pop the answer.

"Oh, do you think it really wise?" His fingers touched hers, and she didn't let go. She needed him.

"Why not?" Emily winced. "We are a couple, aren't we?"

"Are we?" It sounded like news to him.

"Of course."

"Was there a test involved?" He looked as if he was listening to silence then.

"Yes, and you passed." She informed him.

"Hahaaaa...." He laughed with delight. "I don't think you've past your part yet." His smile was open.

"Really?" Could she possibly play anymore games? "Tell me, its not hard, is it?"

"You must listen to me when I read to you."

"Is that all?" He didn't answer.

"Is there more?" She wondered.

"If you're lucky." He chuckled then.


Cate said...

I'm curious what Rosco will say about Emily and Gordy. And what Rachel will say to Emily. If she will say something. I can understand why Emily finds Rachel's laugh annoying.
Uh-oh? Who's Emily's boyfriend now? Casper? Or Gordy? I think if she already made Gordy so miserable, she shouldn't be unfaithful to him then.
But Emily is such a real character, I can picture her exactly.

Blaire said...

hey! srry i havent updated in forever. but there r 2 more chapters on my Writers Blog

UmassSlytherin said...

emily is certainly one of a kind, that's for sure!

I love this back and forth conversation, it's very well-written. this story is fun to read, the characters are colorful and likable. :)

autumn said...

i find them cute. emily and casper. lol.

Cate said...

Maybe Rosco isn't the one to get Emily out of this mess. Maybe it's Casper.

Diana Coronado said...

well everyone can change