Friday, September 26, 2008

a spot of tea

At least Gordy wasn't there when Floyd got back to his house with Serena. He'd never had so much company in his life. He never really entertained. At least his mother was off in Minnesota visiting relatives.

He guessed Delia did take Gordy on to the emergency room. She said his fever was high, and he could barely breathe. Floyd had never known Gordy to be sick in his life.

Floyd went to make tea for Serena. He couldn't help but add a little whiskey and lemon to it. It was his remedy to about everything.

He still didn't know what to say or how he might get through this. He wished she could rest and not worry about all this. It would be all right in the end. She would see. She had to believe that. He wanted to believe it. He kept telling himself this everyday about his own life.

"Here you go, this might help," he told her when he handed her the tea there in the livingroom.

"Why haven't you married Delia, yet?" Serena asked out of the blue.

"Excuse me?" That was under wraps. So to speak. Maybe they were together like clockwork most days. But still Delia had her own place. Her own world. He wasn't exactly a part of that, now was he?

"You know you should be."

"Weddings are a might expensive, and I'm not sure I want to spend so much on something that might not last until the water gets hot." He explained.

"You know it wouldn't be like that," she told him. "You know you'd make a good husband."

"That is something I do not know." He grinned. "You think? Huh? Man, I got a lot of growing up, still."

"You should do it. You're mother would be glad."

"You think she wants the house all to herself, huh?"

"She'd probably sell it. Maybe to even you."

"About that, I'm kind of between jobs as it is." Floyd shrugged. It was lame to think he could still be a rock star of some kind. Just wasn't gonna happen even if Kal was back. It was something Kal hadn't approached him about, and he certainly wasn't going to call Kal up about it. Since after all, he was Gordy's friend, not Kal's.

"You still have the job down at the child support center?"

"Yeah." It didn't feel like a real job. He was hidden away by himself with a room of records that were going no where with deadbeat fathers.

"Don't say you're between jobs then." Serena looked at him that he wasn't hopeless. "Its a nine to five job. You get your weekends off and you get insurance."

"Well, I could find something better." But then no one was really hiring someone with all the piercings he had in his face nor wanted to see how big the gages were getting in his ears.

"But you haven't."

"Stop working on me, will you," Floyd went to pour a bit more whiskey in the tea. "You gotta worry about yourself."

"I don't want to have children." Serena nodded. "Its too scary." Tears built up in her eyes again. Floyd reached for a tissue.

"But you love Jane."

"I do," She had to blow her nose then. "But I think its best I just stay away from the two of them for a while. You know."

Floyd just nodded.

They drank up their tea then. Finally got comfortable on the couch, and he cuddled with Serena until she could fall asleep, but Floyd didn't budge. He promised to stay with her just like Gordy had asked.


chuckles said...

aww Floyd, cant wait to know whats next

Cate said...

Wow, this incident really made Gordy sick.
I dunno if Floyd should marry Delia. I think rather not, if the idea hadn't occured to him before.
I like Floyd.

Liz said...

Aww, Floyd's such a nice guy. :]

Dapper Kid said...

Floyd is wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, Floyd! He's being so sweet ^^

Karine said...

I like the way he treats her.And vice-versa.


Great as always!



Thanks for your comments!

gossip guy said...

Its she's making him feel a way.

autumn said...

that's too sweet of Floyd. i hope Serena will feel better soon.