Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a plan

"So just what am I suppose to do, exactly?" Rosco wanted to know. He brought in the bags of stuff. Everything, evidently what two people would need, Emily and Crystal. Along with snacks and several cans of Mountain Dew.

It was Emily who'd gotten them into the motel room. He was just here for the investigation. It felt like a vampire hunt or maybe a werewolf would appear after midnight. Somehow, it still felt dangerous to Rosco. He was the one who had to stay up all night.

"You just have to see what happens. All right," she turned on the TV right away. Rosco thought he might take a nap.

"But I could sleep right now, for a little bit so I'll be ready for the night?"

"I guess." She wasn't sure. It would be just her luck nothing would happen. Crystal was that way. Maybe it was a hormonal thing. No, it definitely felt mental. Whatever it was, it was powerful.

"If this doesn't work I want an exorcism." She opened some chili Frito's then and poured herself some Sprite.

"Why can't you just be-" Rosco squinted then. He'd been thinking about the girl with the Miley Cyrus lips again. "I just hope I come out of this alive."

"Crystal's not that dangerous." Emily shrugged.

"So you say, she's a little psycho, you know." Rosco looked at the back of Emily's head, expecting there to be eyes. No such luck. "Who's idea was it to get Carrie and Derrick back together, again?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about," of course, that was a lie. "Look, the thing is, I'm pretty sure Crystal will tell you some stuff you won't want to hear."

"Well, tell me now, so I know what to expect."

"I can't." Emily sighed putting her makeup on the dresser as if she was going to make this her room.

"You can."

"I don't want to, you'll hate me more." Emily squirmed then. "Crystal's been screwing around with Kal."

Rosco didn't want to think about it. He wanted to believe there was this Crystal who wasn't actually Emily. He had to keep in that state of mind. He just didn't know how long that would last. "Tell me when to wake up, OK?"


Livie23 said...

poor roscoe. he's going to suffer tonight. hopefully emily will be the only person at the end of the night. sorry i post so irregularly. lol <=]

Karine said...

People get along so well in this story...

Emily seems to be a hard person to deal with,right?

As always..Your a great writer!

Anonymous said...

I hope Crystal disappears. Maybe then Emily could find some peace; only being herself.

autumn said...

i agree with raspberry. i want Crystal to disappear, too. lol.