Thursday, October 30, 2008

letting it slip

Emily felt like staying away. She just wished she had some place to go other than the movies with Casper. The baby was rarely quiet and she hated listening to her mother's advice on not breast feeding when Bella kept insisting she wouldn't have it any other way, which lead to other conversations about Bella's vegan way which somehow her mother turned into a Wiccan habit. It was just nonstop.

"You're so restless, what is it?" Casper nudged her in the theater. They were watching Nick and Nora's infinite playlist for the forth and final time.

"Be quiet," she whispered back. Casper was always telling her to be quiet. He was always listening, but this time he put his arm around her. She felt his fingers in her hair. She closed her eyes trying to sense what he might be sensing. Suddenly she opened her eyes. Seriously, she needed sex.

It was sex. That's what it was. Not the fact that Bella and Fish and the baby were taking her time and space. It was this need that she thought she could somehow over come and now... she looked at Casper out of the corner of her eye. She saw his sly smile. He knew. He did.

She never imagined it would come to this. Sorting it out. Questioning herself that she'd ever be his lover.

Yes, they kissed. More than enough. Sometimes, even at the movies. Always. Generally. This was why they came to the early matinee. Weren't so many people. They could be in the back. Away from everyone. He kissed her then. It was more like an invitation as he was ready too.

They kept in a liplock for the longest while. No way could they go back to her place. And there were just too many people at his house. She kept wondering where could they go. Where could they be alone.

Emily finally smiled. Rosco's. He was at work. His mom was at work. Even Kal was at work. And she knew the backdoor was unlocked. She wasn't sure how she knew, but she did.


Anonymous said...

ok, stuff similar to this happened to me... the last two paragraphs and tidbits from this post is my story...
he is such a beautiful nice person, buh i think he liked girls, we wernt dating, buh we were together real close. we cooked meals together,i went to his everyday,all day, buh in a week everything seemed to be crashing down.. he had loadsa ppl over,so, we barely had time to c eachother, nowhere to go,like the 2nt to the last paragraph,n we only had his car and mine,i chose his car of course!hehe..buh it rolled in2 2wks n i missed him soo...buh i broke up...cos i dnt like pressure..*sniffs..* i miss him sooo much!

nehoo, fabulous post dear!

Anonymous said...

we were together for months..and it dissolved in a week. *sniffles*

Cate said...

I can't really understand vegans. I couldn't be one. I can't help thinking they must be lacking some very important nutrients and can't be properly healthy!
Rosco's place. Okay. I can't help thinking there will be something to get in the way.

Cady L. Cep said...

Emily and Casper. Nice. Wonder how that's going to work out.

That whole vegan thing makes me think of the most recent How I Met Your Mother:

"I wish I could ignore that voice down inside of me that says eating animals is murder, but I guess I'm just not as strong as you."
"Because you need protein."

autumn said...

of all places? Rosco's? lol @ Emily.