Friday, October 31, 2008

taking the lead

Emily didn't really tell him where they were going.

"What is this place?" Casper asked as Emily came in through the screened in back porch toward the kitchen. It was easy as pie. It startled her that it was so easy.

"A haunted house, but its not open yet." She kept her voice low. "Now be quiet."

Casper nodded as she pulled him through the kitchen and up the stairs.

"It'll be all right," she promised. Once they got to Rosco's room, she saw that Rosco was the neat freak that she remembered. They could probably bounce a coin off the bed but instead she bounced Casper down on the bed. She took his shoes off first. Then her own. How complicated could this be? He knew exactly where all the parts of were. It wasn't like they hadn't had sex with their clothes on.

"We aren't at your house?"

"So, I called a friend, he said we could use his place," She lied with a smile as she unbuttoned his sweater then his shirt. There was even an under shirt after that. "How many shirts did you wear today?" Emily didn't think it was that cold.

"Its proper to wear undershirts." He was staring into space.

"Well, we aren't here to do anything proper," Emily told him struggling with so many clothes. How would she ever get him dressed again?

"We are in the dark, aren't we?"

"Its afternoon, not even two." She hadn't exactly lost track of time. Hesitating about the pants as she peeled off her clothes down to her undies.

"Well, I could tell you that," Casper shrugged looking around as if he were taking everything in. He pointed to the beaming digital clock then by Rosco's bed.

"You could, huh?" Sometimes, she thought he wasn't blind at all. Just faking it.

He almost laughed then and he kissed her as he undid her bra.

"You are so clever," she sighed. And he kissed her more, yet she hesitated. Was she completely awful to want to be alone with him? He wasn't her victim, now was he? Since he was the one who somehow pulled her in more.

She knew for certain Rosco would hate her now, but wasn't he the one who insisted to make the most of it now. Now was the time. She put her arms around Casper. It was time to find out exactly where this was going.


Cate said...

Wow, sometimes I don't think Casper is blind either. How did he know where the clock was??

another.ellie said...

I liked the idea of the haunted house, closed...funnny.

Anonymous said...

I hope Emily's doing the right thing. I think I'll be so sad if she ends up breaking Casper's heart ^^

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

hmmm... casper sure IS literarilly! heheh

autumn said...

for me, they're both clever. lol. but i'm certainly afraid of what they're doing. at Rosco's house. argh. lol.

Raigan said...

i can't wait until tuesday to see how things turn out!!! election days are fun, at least i think haha

Yeah my school is pretty much like that to, it's insane how rude people can be about politics

Oh man have i missed a lot on your story, but you're and amazing writer!!! and i so totally admire u for keeping up with it!!!


jules said...

spooky! :D miss ur blog! :)

Jaerixon said...

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