Friday, November 14, 2008

an idea

Gordy finally found himself laughing. He didn't think it was possible. It was November. Warmer than usual. And Jane was laughing while he was pushing her in the swing. Of course, she was watching Lucy not him.

It caught him off guard that she was actually old enough to have friends, but he guessed she would. She'd been talking about Lucy this and Lucy that at home. He just hadn't put two and two together. Sure he listened. Usually, he'd restate everything she said to him not so much for comprehension but the idea that he wanted her talk more. Something like that.

But now Rachel wasn't talking to him. He supposed he wasn't the best company in the world. Half the time he acted as if he might as well have been a piece of furniture.

"So what happened with you and Rosco?" He wanted to know as they were walking from one set of swings to another set as if they might be better.

"Oh, it was mutual." Her words were small, and he could barely hear her. Gordy knew it was time to move on to something else. "So what are you doing for Thanksgiving?"

"I guess with my Mom as if she doesn't have to put up with us as it is, but she'd be crushed, you know if we didn't." She shrugged. "How about you?"

"Pretty much a done deal with my mother, I suppose although, she feels less and less like family which I don't know if that's bad or good. She tends to like to stay by herself. Just hope it doesn't run in the family, you know."

"It won't." Rachel smiled. "We should just all get together, you know that. All of us. Like I'm sure Whitney and Kal aren't doing anything much and you could ask Rosco. We could have this really big feast. Maybe even Fish and Bella would come."

"And just where would all this take place," Gordy looked at her. "You know, if we're going to have all your friends and foes together, you might as well ask Emily too. I know she'd bring Casper."

Rachel just sighed.

"OK, lets keep it small." She looked at Lucy then who'd found a cigarette butt to give to her. Rachel wiped her hand with a baby wipe then.

"No, no, I like this big idea," Gordy nodded. "While you're at it, you should ask Lucy's father to come too. We could have it at my place."

Rachel gritted a smile.


Cate said...

Thanks Gordy.. I love him.
I'd love to see too how my kids make friends and everything. That point, from which age on kids are old enough to make friends, has occurred to me too.
But the idea of a Thanksgiving feast is great! Why not invite Emily too? A reunion of all the characters in the story, that'd be so great!

♥Smoochies♥ said...

that's so sweet he is so thoughtful sometimes :)

♥Smoochies♥ said...

that's so sweet he is so thoughtful sometimes :)

♥Smoochies♥ said...

that's so sweet he is so thoughtful sometimes :)

Cate said...

Yeah, I also thought that maybe Rachel regrets the idea of the Thanksgiving party when I read the last sentence ^^ I hope it takes place though. Here in Germany we don't celebrate Thanksgiving - when is it? Is it the same date every yearor does it change?

autumn said...

Gordy. he's so sweet. i hope he's back to being himself.

and Thanksgiving. can't wait. we're planning to go out of town. though we don't celebrate it here. we just follow US holiday at work. woot.