Friday, November 28, 2008

so it can be good

Emily wasn't sure she could take another second of all this happiness at dinner. Everyone was going on and on about Whitney's engagement ring. Then there was all the food that Bella wouldn't touch. She stuck with the salads.

"Poor baby," Emily looked at Gibson in his little lap cradle that was no more than a blanket tied around Bella as if he were still attached to her.

"Stop saying that." Bella snarled.

"Then eat some mashed potatoes. You're starving him." Emily glared back. It wasn't a fight. Just small bitter words slightly above their breath.

And what had happened to Rachel? Emily looked at her who just tended to smile and was the most quiet that Emily had ever seen her, and she was being nice to Andy which was so not Rachel. But she was kind. Even to her and Emily was speechless.

So it was a really nice Thanksgiving. Casper told her to admit it as he held her hand, sitting there on the couch while the little girls played after dinner.

"OK, it was good." But she still wasn't sure who this blond girl was that was fussing over the girls, making sure they played right and all that nice kid stuff. It was a little annoying. Then she had to listen to Rosco go on and on how his Mom went to Vegas to meet the guy who could have been his Dad if it had worked out and how he might not be anything like he is if it had.

Emily wanted to tell him enough already, but he was just so darn happy- she couldn't snuff that out. Naturally, she didn't say a word to Andy nor Kal until she brought up Derrick and Carrie. Why she brought them up, she didn't know. Kal mentioned that he'd heard Derrick and Carrie were on some trip to a third world country. "I think they're building houses or something."

"Get out of here," Emily laughed, that had to be the biggest crock of shit she'd ever heard. Derrick wasn't like that. "I don't believe you."

"Just go to his MY SPACE. Its all there. Documented and everything," Kal shrugged. "Has something to do with you know, getting out there and making a difference, going green, you know, real Bono stuff."

"Lucky them." Emily smirked a bit. "I never liked him, you know." She then whispered to Casper.

"Its OK." He just smiled and put his arm around her.

Of course, Gordy was still busy. He'd done everything. Then Emily got to listening to Jane and she'd figured out in Jane language that Jane had slept over at Lucy's.

"Did you now?" Emily sat up wide eyed taking in everything her niece could manage to tell her.

"Daddy slept over too." Jane gave her a big smile.

"Oh really." Emily couldn't stop smiling, either.

"Don't you dare," Casper nudged Emily with a whisper then.

"I won't." Besides, it was nice to keep a little secret ever so often that really wasn't going to hurt anyone.


Kira Fashion said...

great story :)

a kiss!

Cate said...

Emily's being really sensible (for once).
And wow, Rachel really seems to have undergone a change. For the better. Sometimes I feel like Emily, I notice that people that used to dislike me are suddenly being nice to me and I don't know why.
Haha, I had to smile when Jane gave away Gordy's secret.
Nice new header, by the way.