Wednesday, November 26, 2008

hardly a moment

Rachel was pacing in the kitchen. Her mother left early because it would just be easier. Also, her mother had talked a friend into going with her. She wouldn't say he was her boyfriend, but Rachel could have guessed. Although, she didn't have the time nor the will power to argue about it with her mother. For all she knew, maybe her mother had decided just to have some fun at a hotel and forget her sister's completely. Rachel thought she might call her Aunt tomorrow just to see if her mother was there. Of course, she'd just say she was calling to see if she'd made it safely and just to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.

She talked this over with Lucy who didn't seem to mind, although, she didn't really know what Rachel was talking about.

The turkey was already thawing out. It was getting dark out. She was alone. OK, not exactly. There was Lucy. Just the two of them and Lucy was toddling off in the livingroom as if she had things to do and not stick around to listen to her mother talk turkey.

"Where are you going?" Rachel talked to her as if she were a pre-teen and not a baby. Honestly, she was going to have ask Charlotte to come over now and watch Lucy, instead of tomorrow. She so definitely needed someone who would actually talk to her. Charlotte was one of the young adult helpers who did most of the artwork for their young adult programs at the library. She wasn't much younger than Rachel, but Charlotte would live at the library if she could.

She hadn't been open so much with what life was like at home with the young adult librarian, yet she'd confided in Rachel about everything. Rachel knew she hated being at home. Several times her father had driven her to different shelters saying he'd just leave her. For good. Of course, usually, counselors talked him out of it. He needed Charlotte because of the social security checks. He couldn't hold down a job. And Charlotte could only hope it to get physical enough so she would have a reason to be in Foster Care. But it never went that far.

Rachel worried about her. Told her she'd be so happy if she came over for Thanksgiving. Charlotte offered to babysit. They'd be helping each other out.

Rachel was so ready to call her, but she had to find Lucy first, and then the doorbell rang. Naturally, Lucy ran to the door. It was if she knew who was coming. It was Gordy and Jane.

"What are you doing here?" She looked at Gordy as if this must be an accident.

"I know, I should have called. I thought maybe you needed help sooner instead of later about tomorrow." He just shrugged letting go of Jane so she could grab Lucy's hand.

"Oh, things are fine." She lied. It was a fog actually. She had no idea what she was doing.

"Sure they are," he went to the kitchen and saw the turkey on the kitchen table. "It'll probably thaw out just fine in the fridge."

"But it has to thaw out. I want it to thaw out." She snapped.

"OK." His hands touched her shoulders then. She froze. "Loosen up." She tried, practically a rag doll then. Gordy put his arms around her. "It'll be fine. You can do this."

She breathed in his scent. It was like falling into a warm bed of brownies, except she was standing up. She just wanted to sleep. Ever so slightly, she hugged him. "Not without you." She let it slip, but he didn't let go.


ellie said...

aw, I liked this scene.

Blaire said...

Thanks for the comment on the Twilight movie. I agree. Jasper and Emmett should've had more lines! :D Happy writing

simon n josh said...

Sweet! Truly, made me smile.

XxdEaD_0n_arRiVALxX said...

Mhm. Who likes who? It's hard to tell. I love the new header, b the way. And yes, sleep is important.

XxdEaD_0n_arRiVALxX said...

Well, thanks.
I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, though.
I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.