Thursday, November 27, 2008

is it Thanksgiving already

If Gordy could have called someone, who would he have shared it with? Definitely, not Rosco. Not even Floyd.

But it was wild. Totally.

OK, so Rachel had told him, he guessed, how she could be, weeks ago with the strange conversation they had when she came over after Bella's wedding. Gordy wasn't sure what she was talking about then. But she was a party animal. So maybe breaking open the Kahlua and milk after the cookies were made and the celery was diced and onions chopped for the stuffing...and the girls had gone to bed...was just asking for trouble.

Rachel had decided they should write a pirate story. Of course, this meant getting into pirate character. She was good. Definitely had the technique down to be a very naughty pirate. It was the last thing Gordy expected. But he'd never laughed so much, and he'd dictated it all down on the paper towel still on the kitchen table.

And then she had to show him what bad pirate girls could do to their captive. He hadn't written that down. But he pretty much knew now. She made him laugh. She made him forget things. She made him want to stay and he had.

He doubted she'd remember anything. Gordy got up just as the sun was coming in, put on a pot of coffee, made the girls scrambled eggs and then heated the oven so he could get the turkey started. As time wore on he got the girls into helping with the cranberry jello salad already made. They got into the chips while he made dip. The stuffing was stuffed in the turkey. It was going on after eleven. Still no Rachel. She'd slept in.

"Well, you are awake," Gordy found out when he went up stairs. Rachel was hiding under the covers. Gordy pulled back the comforter, she was only in her panties, no top. "You're not sick, are you?"

"Of course not." She wrapped her arms around herself.

"Is it opposites day?" He just looked at her and kissed her with her bad morning breath.


"Go take a shower," if he had the time he would have reminded her a little of last night. "People will be here soon."

"Shit," Rachel squinted.

"Everything is going fine." He breathed in her ear then as she turned from him. "Just get dressed."

"What about you?" He was just in his briefs and one her old basket ball shirts she wore back when she was in athletics.

"I'm getting my clothes on now." About that time the door bell rang. Company was arriving.


XxdEaD_0n_arRiVALxX said...

Well, looks like Rachel and Gordy are getting along just fine...
Can't wait to read more!

Cate said...

Hey! I love Gordy. He makes me like Rachel more too. She showed... unexpected sides of herself that night! Hope she won't be sick...Many people are sick these days here.

And about Atonement: Yeah, I was shocked about what Robbie typed in that note too. I had started reading the book, but I didn't get thru to the end...

anthony luvs johanna said...

Oh..I wonder how it'll go at the dinner.

☮(:♥♡Su-sU♡♥:)☮ said...

Thanks for the comment!!

Sydney Speel said...

they are having a happy thanksgiving, clearly!

i just noticed, last time i checked your header picture was different and i wanted to tell you:


happy thanksgiving cait.

XxdEaD_0n_arRiVALxX said...

Well, actually Malaysian weddings are a different. I doubt that there'll be dancing. Just lots and lots of food. :P

Hope you have a great week.