Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Rosco got the tell end of his mother's conversation with Kal.

He looked in his wallet then. There was the engagement ring of his mother's from the sailor who evidently sailed without her. Oddly, he wondered who he was now. Wondered what it would have been like if that person had been his Dad.

Rosco cracked a smile, wondering if he'd been a girl if things hadn't gone the way they did.

He met Kal in the hallway and shoved the ring into Kal's hand. "Maybe this'll do till you guys find something you want." Rosco made it quick.

Kal just smiled with a slight thank you and went on his way.

"So who was this dude you were so in love with that your parents didn't like. You know, cause he was in the Navy and all." Rosco wanted to know.

"Why?" His mother was sitting on her bed cleaning out her purse. Rosco sat next to her, watching her dig out the clutter of cancelled checks and gum wrappers. It smelled of her, minty fresh and lipstick.

"I don't know." Rosco squinted. "You ever find him, again?"

"Maybe." She was mysterious about it.

"What?" Rosco had to laugh.

"Well, I can google." She looked at him point blank.


"And he's divorced," his mother told him. "He and his son live in Vegas."

"Sounds like a dangerous gambler." Rosco shrugged.

"Its not like that," his mother said. "When he got out of the Navy, he went home where he grew up. He lives with his mother and he's in security at one of the casinos."

"But you haven't called him?"

"We email each other." She sounded fine with that.

"Come on, Mom." Rosco wondered what could give. "You should fly out there and see him for Thanksgiving."


"Yes. You should do it. One of you has to have the balls to do it," Rosco informed her. "Cheap flight. What would be the harm in that?"

"You just don't want me to comeback, do you?" She smiled at him.

"I just don't want to see you alone." Rosco didn't mean to make her sad, but he gave her a hug just to let her know he did care.


ellie's kyle said...

nice moment between rosco & his mom. didn't know he did things like that.

XxdEaD_0n_arRiVALxX said...

Well, I finally caught up with the story.
Great work, honey! There's a lot of twist and turns in this. I never thought I'd find romance interesting!

♥♡♥♡Su-sU♡♥♡♥ said...

This post is so good.
I think I might follow this.
Keep writing.
I actually read one post and then wowie your such a good writer.