Wednesday, November 12, 2008

if only

Bella wanted to hate Whitney so badly. She intended to. What in the world could she see in Kal? What had Bella ever seen in him? This was all so overwhelming. Why was she here?

She finally let her see Gibson. Whitney had talked her into it. She talked of how she and Kal could watch Gib so Bella and Fish could have some alone time. Maybe she was right. Maybe she needed a little more support here other than just her Mom and Fish. Her sister certainly hadn't taken an interest in Gib.

Bella watched Whitney with the baby. It pained her even to see how well Whitney handled the infant.

"Oh, my sister has a baby," Whitney told her her Mom had taken in foster children for years. "I've seen lots of babies."

Bella could see Whitney wanted to tell her about herself, but the strangest thing, Whitney wanted to know about her. She wanted to know what Bella liked. The things she did. The jobs she had. Bella felt her cold icy self melt. Whitney truly wanted to listen. And she did.

Bella found herself pouring out all her fears she'd had about Jane. How she didn't want it to happen again. How she didn't have any time for Fish.

"Then let us see to Gibson, from time to time," Whitney suggested.

"I dunno. I don't want him to be alone with Kal. I don't trust him."

"He wouldn't hurt Gibson."

"We've said some things to each other," Bella said. "He hates me."

"He thinks you hate him."

"Well, I do." She meant it too.

"All right, but you can't keep his son from him," Whitney told her. "Is that all you want him to think when he thinks of his father?"

"No." Bella guessed not. "Its just I'm not sure I want him around unless you're there, too."

"I wish I could guarantee it, but really its not like he's committed to anything with me."

"You haven't had sex with him?" That was down right odd to Bella.

"No." Whitney sighed. "I'm waiting. I want to wait til I'm married."

"Really?" That sounded so old fashioned, but Bella admired that in Whitney. "You are so brave," Bella told her. Somehow she felt weaker than ever.


Cate said...

Why should Bella hate Whitney just because she loves Kal? Is it natural jealousy? Because Kal's her ex?
But I can imagine that Emily hasn't exactly taken an interest in Gibson. Well, she gets along with Jane though..
Whitney seems to be one of those magical persons who take everyone in with their character. Everyone has to love her, whether they want or not, and perhaps that's a bit scary..
It's so sad how Bella and Kal hate each other.. But I don't think Kal hates Bella, from what Whitney said.
I like Whitney so much. It surprised me that she wants to wait with sex until after she's married.

Psyconym said...

I can see why you are on a binge. Why was he written out of skins (I've only watched it few times).

Yeah I've had a big mug of coffee so I am stable. Just about...


Psyconym said...

That rock I think is on a rocky beach (understatment) in Wales. I suspect it has a small chapel in the hill side lending down to the water front. Its a fasinating adn beautiful place. A long way from Niagra Falls - lol - I've never een to the US, if you can believe that.


Ivy said...

I like that Bella told Whitney she was brave.

ivy fan fic said...

This is going to be interesting..if they have a friendship.

Cate said...

OMG, that book, "Living Dead Girl" really sounds horrifying. What genre is it? And when was it written?

autumn said...

finally, she becomes nice. lol. i never thought that there are still some women don't want to have sex until they get married. oh well. hehe.