Monday, November 10, 2008

taking a risk

Whitney hadn't asked Kal about this. It was too late. She'd already rang the doorbell at Bella's. The pie felt a bit too warm in her hands. Really, what had she been thinking.

Bella's mother answered the door.

"Oh, hi," Whitney smiled ready to hand over the cherry pie, but really it was too hot just to hand over. She could have seen it going splat on the livingroom carpet. "I doubt if you remember me, I'm a friend of Kal's."

"Whitney? Right?"

Whitney nodded. Bella's Mom let her in and Whitney raced to the kitchen counter with the pie.

"Sorry, I hope its all right that I set that here," Whitney felt a tad uncomfortable being here. Kal might be mad if he knew. Maybe there really wasn't anything in the cards for them as it was, but so be it.

"You shouldn't have."

"So how is Bella and the baby?" Whitney asked.

"Tired. Bella isn't good with this sort of thing. It gets to her. She could barely handle Jane, and we know what happened there." Bella's Mom looked worried.

"You don't think she'd, you know-" Whitney wanted to ask more questions. "Kal is so busy these days, I hardly see him myself, you know, should he know about this?"

"I don't know." Bella's Mom looked ready to give up.

"Well, um," Whitney knew she was the outsider in all this. "Could I see him, the baby. I want to know him. I feel like-"

"You're a sweet girl, you don't want to get caught up in Bella's mess," she sighed.

Just then Bella was in the doorway of the kitchen.

"What are you doing here?"

"I brought you a pie," Whitney smiled. "How are you?" Whitney got out her gift then for Gibson. It was a pair of pale blue booties with silky blue ribbons in them. "I crocheted them myself."

Bella took them. She didn't say thank you.

Whitney kept even lipped. She knew then it was a mistake, coming.


ellie's kyle said...

Aw..Bella be nice. I like Whitney.

Cate said...

Oh how nice of Whitney to bake a pie! Cherry pie! Yum.
But Bella.... is NOT nice. I would have left this instant, being Whitney. And I'd say "You're WELCOME, Bella!" But Whitney's too nice for this.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Whitney's too sweet! Bella should let down her guard, she's being a B*TCH (sorry Bella).
I reaaally need to catch up with this story, but I have absolutely no time now. Maybe I need to establish a schedule.

gossip guy said...

girl fight. well, hopefully not.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed, about the name Bella becoming so popular too.
I don't like Isabella, but Bella is one of my absolute favorite names! If I could name my daughter an american name (maybe if I'm in the US...), I'd probably name her Bella. Because it just sounds so sophisticated and pretty ^^ It also means 'beautiful' in Portuguese and Italian (only it's spelled 'Bela' in Portuguese). But it's too bad that it's the new girl name. Every girl will be called Bella in a few years, and it won't sound so pretty once it becomes... ordinary. Well, not so unique.
ordinary-Raspberry-ramblings :)

anthony luvs johanna said...

Oh, I think Raspberry would be a great name to have.

Hopefully, Bella won't be a monster.

Anonymous said...

bella's just a naughty box head! hmmm! gosh, how rude!

autumn said...

yeah. how rude. hmf. lol.