Friday, November 7, 2008

a life of its own

It was just an accident that Rachel caught Gordy at home.

"I brought you something," Rachel held up the bag of cookies when Gordy opened the door.

"You really shouldn't have." He looked tired and so out of it.

"Are you doing, OK?"

"I'm just fine." He shrugged letting her in.

"You've lost weight." She told him coming in with Lucy and all as if she was ready to stay the afternoon with him.

"I kind of doubt that."

"You have," Rachel pinched his side then and it made Gordy jump.

"Where's Rosco?" Gordy looked at her wide eyed.

"He didn't tell you?" She let Lucy down to go see Jane who gave her a hug as if she was her very best friend.

"No. Tell me what?"

"Its over. He's moved on." She nodded as if she were OK with it. "Its all good."


"Yeah, its so OK." Rachel grinned. She so wanted to touch his face. But she didn't. A part of her wanted to give him a shave. She so wanted to move in. It would be perfect here. It really would. But it was just a dream. Honestly, it was. Rachel sensed she had a way of ruining things. And the girls got along so well. She so didn't want to ruin that.

Rachel put her hands in her back pockets.

"Look, if you could watch after the girls, I could do your laundry for you. Or the other way around, if you don't want me doing it. I could see to them and you could maybe go out, or whatever." She felt sad having to say it, but it had to be this way. It would work if she backed off. She had to back off, or he might hate her. Just find her annoying as hell, and that wasn't going to do anyone any good.

"No, I couldn't ask you to do that," Gordy sighed. He looked out the window then back at Rachel and the girls. "We should get out of here. Its really a beautiful fall day. Lets just go to park. All right?"

"Really?" Just what Rachel had been meaning to do, but thought she'd stop here first. It was nice having some help to load everything up and not be there alone.


Cate said...

It always makes me jump when people pinch me.. Rachel is being really nice, I think. "She had to back off, or he might hate her. Just find her annoying as hell, and that wasn't going to do anyone any good." Yes, that happens to me too. I like people so much and want to be around them so much that they get tired of me and don't like me anymore. I hope I'm not annoying you :-( I wish both Rachel and Gordy all the best. Maybe Rachel will be better for Gordy than she was for Rosco.

It's so cute how Lucy and Jane get along.

Dapper Kid said...

She means well, but she could come of as trying to be too close, I like her though. Annnd I'm loving the sound of the red plaid hoodie!!!

Anonymous said...

*sniffs* i hate when ppl say theyve moved on! hate! love this story! makes me snap back to reality! rachel is a cutie tho.

simon n josh said...

I do think she likes him.

autumn said...

that's sweet of Gordy to ask them to go to the park. i hope he has already moved on. i feel sorry for Rachel though like what Cate said, i find her annoying as well. but not now. i'm like her, extending help without asking for anything in return? but oh well, obviously, she likes Gordy.