Saturday, November 8, 2008

plight of the flight

Fish took the job that Rosco got him down at the grocery store. Honestly, he was lost here. Couldn't make out what to do first. Of course, it was just part-time. It was just a bit of money. He needed a real job, yet this one could certainly take a toll on him.

Here he was surrounded by chips and other things that could ruin the body. He wasn't used to this. But he did his best to follow directions.

He'd talked with the Dr. Pepper man, who told him he could get him on with their cooperation to drive a truck. It was an obstacle Fish didn't even want to try.

Fish just grinned. It seemed people wanted to help him after knowing his plight. And he hadn't even meant to tell them what was going on in his life, but they could see he was out of it, and he just had to let them know that he wasn't on drugs. There was a baby at home.

And he never got to see Rosco. Fish was hoping they'd be friends. But he knew he couldn't ask for something like that since he was Gibson's uncle. He really was an outsider here. It looked like he might be working at the Dollar Tree too, but he wondered if it would ever open.

Why was it so hard to get by? It had never bothered him before, but it was all he could think about now, even if he did feel like he was sleepwalking most of the time at work and even at home with Bella. He wanted to be a bread winner, but the best he could do lately was to bring home day old bread. That just wasn't quite cutting it.


ellie's kyle said...

I hope Fish finds something he can make Bella happy about.

autumn said...

i like Fish for being a responsible man. but am hoping Bella has already realized that. i don't like it when people keep pushing somebody what he must gotta do.

Psyconym said...

I think you are absolutely right - I keep a handwritten diary for things that are super super personal. I think my attitude to my blog is changing. I think what I meant by not splitting the blog at this stage was that it would be pointless to keep up the effort of more than one blog, instead of concentrating on making the one you have better and just pushing around the material.

I guess I could see this bog as a way of testing material out, or bits of myself out. Fundamentally I am goign to have to ask myself what am I keeping it for? It is a mixure of an aid to helping me learn from expereince, and hopefully being somewhat interesting for others to read (I hope).

Next I contemplate perhaps making a reputation as a writer (!!!! long long way to go). This would need a revamp in attitude, a definite splitting of the blog. I have started a fiction blog but I am keeping it under raps as it's still in its very primative stages.

You had two diaries; I've always had just one - I borrowed exercise books when I was thirteen and started writing. I was inspired by Anne Frankto be a diarist. I have one hidden under my bed - I open it and I can remember the emoitons of when I was nineteen. It's scarey.

Psyconym said...

AH bless you - That's so sad. I had a friend who I was very close to, which ended in tears. I dedicated my book I wrote my troubles in to him, whilst at Uni. Some other girl moved in with us, and it was never the same.

I am not really a control freak, only in the academic sense. I htink I was being ironic about the differences between the two academic departments at my Uni, but maybe that is only an in joke. The history department are control freaks and the english deparmtent are too lied back. In most other senses I am normal and pretty easy going.

I think you made the right choice in continuing to write. I had a boyfirned who wanted me to stop seeing my friends. I ignored him. You have to have your own life and if someone disagrees, then its their problem. You can't rely on others for your happiness.

Psyconym said...

I don't think I'd stop writing my poetry even if it were technically not very good, mmm maybe you have a point about my friend. I'll try and draw more confidence for mysel fin future.

Psyconym said...

I do look down on myself sometimes, yeah you've pointed that out pretty well. I'll try adn be nicer too me ;-0 adn not do myself down.

Lydia said...

What a cool concept for a blog! I'm looking forward to reading through all of this...

Cate said...

I hope Fish finds his happiness. For the time being, the job at the grocery store doesn't seem so bad.. And I do hope that Rosco and Fish can be friends. I think they'd be good mates. Even if Rosco is Gibson's uncle...

Ivy said...

Hopefully, Fish will find his place. It must be strange for a Fish out of water.

Anonymous said...

Mmm I re read that post - I contradicted myself. I can't allow you to draw your own conclusions if the joke is an in joke. Oh no I am thinking too much. (collapse).

I will end with say cool, keep writing, and I will try and worry less.


Psyconym said...

I found this article. You have a point. The system in England is pressured in that they want you to make choices about your future young, and at the same time, there is inadequate careers counselling for underprivilaged kids. It's a tough old life.

Asked what kinds of obstacles face today's teenagers, Jena Malone pauses.
"I think it's an individual thing. Your mountains are my molehills. I feel like a lot of the drama we deal with in high school, in those environments, is self-created.

We're dealing with drama and how it affects people. How it brings people together and pulls them apart. For me, looking back, the hardest times in my high school was all bullshit.
I was completely traumatized by that. It was nothing. I could have easily thought about it from a different perspective and it would have been a perfectly healthy situation.
I think we have more of a limited perspective when we're young. We're not given the opportunity to search out different types of experiences.

If all we're seeing is this high school environment, then it's detrimental to our mental health. It has nothing to do with reality, I think.

[ interview May 28, 2004]

Psyconym said...

I odn't htink you have to kno what you want anymore, but everyone around you tihnk you do.