Monday, November 24, 2008

on the backside

Kal didn't know what to do. He'd actually looked in his mother's jewelry box for something that might slight resemble an engagement ring. Was he just pitiful or what?

Just when he thought he'd met the most perfect girl in the universe, it had came to this. If he wanted her, he'd have to marry her. He didn't see himself getting a loan to pay for anything. Really.

It was so frustrating. He hadn't an inkling what to do. It wasn't that he'd been raised to try to build a nest egg for his future. He couldn't exactly call up dear old Dad and see what he'd do. As it was, he was pretty sure his dad would have just gone to a bar, drank himself into oblivion, pick up who would ever have him and fuck them for what he could and then move on.

Kal was beginning to feel cursed. He didn't want to take that road. He wouldn't.

"Well, my parents didn't wait to get married. It wasn't fancy or anything. They just did and I always liked listening to her tell me how they'd lived in a barn until their house was built. They built it themselves." His mother told him once she had found him in her bedroom, and he'd told her about Whitney. "I always wanted something like that. But with your father Randy, well, everyone wanted it to be this big white wedding. Look where it got us?" She just laughed.

"Yeah, but Dad had a pretty good job working on airplanes back then and you guys were happy." Kal liked to think what he saw was true.

"Yeah, I liked to believe that. For a while." He could see her smile was forced. "I knew he was messing around even when we were dating. I didn't find out til later he already had a kid with someone. God knows, how many there really are. But it was a little too late."

Kal tried not to think about Gordy. He'd heard, but he'd shrugged it off, initially as if there was nothing to it. Now it seemed so much closer to home.

"But you're OK now." He wanted to believe that even if he didn't think there was anyone in his mother's life. "Dad's in California, right?"

"I guess." She reached for a wallet then in her purse and took out her credit card. "Here, take this, get that engagement ring. Don't wait too long." She handed over her Discover card.

Kal hesitated. "I don't know Mom." Kal shook his head.

"You love her?"

"Yes." He thought so. It just didn't seem possible that Whitney didn't love him. The things she went out of her way to do. How she made him feel just with her smile. "But, you know how it was with Bella. I thought that was going to last too."

"Well, how would you know, you were really in love with what you wanted then. I don't think it was Bella. She was just along for the ride." Her mother told him.

"I know I'm not gonna be a rockstar." He kept looking at his mother's credit card. It was in her maiden name. He hadn't noticed she'd changed her name back.

"Dreams change," his mother smiled.

Kal pressed his lips together and nodded. Yes, they did. Even dreams had their own evolution.


XxdEaD_0n_arRiVALxX said...

Thank you for your comment. All the best to your writing. I'm still a bit left out on most of the story here, but I think you've done a great job.

Cate said...

Oh no, first I thought "How cute of Kal to want to propose to Whitney" -- and then I remembered she was against sex before marriage. C'mon Kal... you can do it!.

Tina Bean. said...


come on kal,

if you marry him,

than you can have sex with him! and its okay with you! everybody loves sex, not raymond!

Blaire said...

Thanks for the comment. More to come soon :)

ivy fan fic said...

sounds like it might be promising.

Anonymous said...

I love the last line, " Even dreams had their own evolution" just something about that one last sentence

Sydney Speel said...

dreams DO change...

poor kal...

but i love all the support he's getting :)